Hard drive rather than download

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by Homina, Dec 18, 2020.

  1. Homina

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    Been on-board for over a decade, and upgrade my Komplete suite regularly. I consistently choose product on a hard drive given my constrained internet bandwidth.

    This last upgrade's hard drive arrived, and I proceeded to install it as usual. At the end of that process I was aghast at being faced with the necessity of having to download over 90GB of material, evidently updates of installation files on the hard drive. I completed that purchase in early October, and just this week finished downloading the additional files - over two months later.

    I don't know why these additional files were not on the hard drive in the first place. I do know the reason I upgrade with a hard drive is specifically to avoid monster-sized downloads. The very bad taste in my mouth from this latest upgrade is going to make me think harder and longer about upgrading the next time, that much is certain.
  2. Kubrak

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    Yes, because of some reasons Quartet Kontakt Libraries are said not to be on the insdalation disc. :-((((

    I have electronic upgrade, so no disc. I've heard explanation that Quartet was not finished at time of HD manufacturing... And that it would not fit in HD anyway... I have fast connection, but still it took several days (first days of October) to download it....