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    It'd be pretty dang cool if NI did a piece of kit like Softube's new Console 1. Having a dedicated piece of hardware to use with these studio effects would be amazing! Especially if they integrated it into a GUI in a similar way to softube so that a variety of plugins could be loaded: i.e choose your favourite EQ, and Compressor combo, say Solid EQ and VC 2A, and have them hard map to the unit and then use that as if it were a channel strip!

    Just dreaming out loud really though.
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    On first blush this might be a neat thing but think about this: what if you use other developer's plugins? How do you control those? Unless the developer works to a lowest common denominator of plugin access then there's going to be issues. And if a plugin has more controls then the hardware has? Sure you can provide control banking but that's a pain if you have to jump back and forth between parameters and blows up the concept of an easy to control channel strip.

    A good control surface and the software to drive it isn't an easy thing to do. Witness the Avid Artist series and EUCON software. Works perfectly for some but many others are having issues with controlling plugins and such and mapping of those plugins to the controls on the surface.
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    I think Maschine works fine for this. Ha.