Having problems /w pitch after updating

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by t.i.m., Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    ziggy, regarding the fluctuations... they changed the display in one version. it was smoothed in former versions and more accurate in later versions. so it may just *look* as if it fluctuates more.

    please rule that out first by not looking at the screen when mixing ;)
  2. Iridian

    Iridian New Member

    Thank you!

    That finally fixed the problem. :)
  3. tony_smoove

    tony_smoove New Member

    I'm experiencing this problem too. It's really pissing me off! I bought Traktor because everyone raved how great and professional this solution was. At £450 it was/is the most expensive solution on the market - But I decided to go for it! I DJ every weekend on Traktor using Technics 1200's and it's becoming embarrassing. It seems that Traktor tries to workout and correct the pitch on most of the tracks I play causing clipping noises and erratic pitch shifts. I have to now babysit every single mix and feel like I’m DJing on Soundlab DLP 1600 belt drives! I know that this is a not a turntable or vinyl issue as I get the same issue on my other 1210's using the flip side of vinyl. I noticed the problem more once I upgraded to the latest version (1.3 I think?) so I regressed. Unfortunately the problem still persists and after reading these forums and not finding answers, I'm thinking of jacking it in for Serato. Can anyone suggest what to do to fix or at least get more help in understanding this problem? Aaarrrrrrggghhh! Thanks people!
    Just to add more info to the last post....

    I'm using XP SP3 on a Dell Inspiron 9400 Laptop with Core 2 duo Processor, 1GB Memory & 120GB HDD.

    I have also configured all the tweaks as suggested in the manual but to no avail. - The network adaptors are turned off, mains power is plugged in and no other programs are running. Task manager shows no strain on CPU or Memory at the time of the problems.

    Thanks for your help! :)
  4. riboute

    riboute New Member

    same same but different

    i've the same problem since last os x update i guess, because i ve updated TDJS 3.4 and last TS 1.3.0 and audio 8 drivers 1.6 and no problem so far.

    my tickets number are


    i ve posted one TDJS3 crash and on TS bug report, didn t knew where to post

    i ve to play saturday for my birthday party with the setup so big problem :(
  5. riboute

    riboute New Member

    No answer this week end from N.I. Support, finaly played with TS WITH Pitch problem :( not really fun

    For my birthday i received Serrato Scratch Live :D (i wish but i m kiding), don t take it bad, their system is really simple, no loop, no effects, no 4 decks but at leat it just WORKS...

    i wish my TS could be like before, just no pitch problem, because it s not only visual unsynchronisation of the tracks, but audio as well and it s really pissing me off.

  6. benmills

    benmills Forum Member

    I was having pitch problems...then I just turned down the latency.
  7. tony_smoove

    tony_smoove New Member

    After raising a support ticket on this issue, I got the following response from NI Support in Germany which has lead to me resolving my issue. By downloading the "dpclat.exe" application from www.thesycon.de and running it, I identified a sporadic latency issue that affected audio - Even if Traktor Scratch wasn't running. By disabling system devices one-by-one in device manager I was able to identify which devices were conflicting with each other. In my case, I've had to disable Windows Battery controller device, My CD Rom Drive and the SD controller. My audio is now running free from errors.

    I know that the option of disabling devices on your system is not ideal, but the good thing is, you can always re-enable these devices once you've finished your performance with Traktor Scratch to gain full functionality again. You can also consult the vendors of the devices for driver updates which may help resolve the conflicts.

    If you're experiencing the issues decribed in this thread, please run through the below steps. It worked for me!

    ***Please be careful when disabling system devices as you may cause your system to become unstable***

    Please read the following documentation for background on latency. This link will also suggest what devices NOT to disable : http://www.thesycon.de/eng/latency_check.shtml

    Email Response From NI Support:

    TraktorScratch is not in able to adjust the pitch automatically. If you
    recognize speed changes in TS than probably because of the following reasons.

    1. You are use audio files which are ripped from vinyl.

    2. The computer generates audio dropouts.

    In general, there are many optimizations which can be done to optimize Windows
    XP for audio usage.

    I will copy you the most important ones to the end of the mail.


    - Set he latency time to "standard latency",

    - Set the cash size to 8mb (Preferences/ Deck Preferences/ Transport),

    - Deactivate Key-lock. (the "Key" button on the Decks)

    - Disconnect all USB devices,

    until this problem is solved.

    Tuning Tips Windows XP

    For consistency, before carrying out the tuning tips suggested below, switch
    to classic view in the control panel. To do this, Start> Control Panel>
    "Switch to classic view".

    Then, switch to classic view for the menu.
    To do this, Start> Control Panel> Taskbar and Start Menu> Start Menu Tab>
    Classic Start Menu.

    1.) Processor scheduling should be set to services, not programs.

    Start> Settings> Control Panel> System>Advanced> Performance Settings>
    Advanced Tab> Background Services

    2.) Visual effects should be set to a minimum

    Start> Settings> Control Panel> System>A dvanced> Performance Settings> Visual
    Effects Tab> Adjust For Best Performance

    3.) Switch Off Desktop Background Image

    Right Click Desktop> Properties>Desktop Tab> Background None

    4.) Disable Screen Saver and all Windows sounds

    Right Click Desktop> Properties> Screen Saver> None

    5.) Disable Fast User Switching

    Start> Settings> Control Panel> User Accounts> Change the ways users log on or
    off> Untick Use Fast User Switching

    6.) Disable Power Management

    Start> Settings » Control Panel> Power Management.

    Please set the Power Scheme to "Always On" and set "System Standby", "Turn off
    hard disks" and "Turn off monitor" to "Never".

    Download and install "Speedswitch":


    Set the Power to "max." für AC und Battery.

    7.) Disable the Powersaving option of the USB ports

    In your device manager (control panel/ System/ Hardware), right+click each
    "USB Root Hub", choose "properties"/ Powermanagement" and untick the "allow
    the computer to turn off this device to save power" option.

    8.) Test Tool

    Download and run the "dpclat.exe" application form the www.thesycon.de
    website. Let it run for one or two minutes and let me know, what exactly it
    say (or send me a screenshot in zipped form).

    P IV User: Hyper Threading

    If your computer uses Hyper Threading, turn it off! You can do this in your

    DualCore user:
    Assign Traktor Scratch to one CPU. To do so:

    - Run Traktor Scratch.

    - Open the Task Manager and assign it to a fix CPU.
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