HELP: Audio 4 DJ wiring diagrams/schematics

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR Audio Interfaces' started by biggie22, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. biggie22

    biggie22 New Member

    Hey everyone, I am picking up my new Audio 4 tonight and will either be running the Traktor 3 LE or will try and man-up and tackle the PRO demo included in the box. With that said, I have a few questions I hope I can get some quick responses for as I have a gig tomorrow :(

    1. Can someone either provide or direct me to some wiring or schematic diagrams for hook up to the following; I need this specifically for RCA as I don't yet have the fancy cables yet. Also, I want to record the live mix as well.

    - 2 x Denon DN-S3500 CD players
    - DNX - 100 Denon mixer
    - Laptop
    - Audio 4 DJ
    - Directly into my Harmon Kardon AVR 135 Receiver

    2. I will have everything in the box I need except for the Timecodes CD's. Where can I obtain these CD's quickly. Is NI allowing downloads of the CD's or must they be purchase only?

    Main thing I'm after is the schematic diagrams for effective wiring without having to muss and fuss with trial and error to achieve the best recording quality with my set-up as per above.

    Thanks and sorry for asking for such a quick response. Just on a tight timeline and getting nervous as there seems to be lots of preliminary adjustments, setup, and preference changes.

    Thanks again.

  2. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    To use vinyl or CD decks and timecode you need to buy Traktor Scratch Pro.
    You haven't got that, so your CD decks will not work.

    Sorry, can't troubleshoot Traktor 3 LE as I don't own it.
  3. biggie22

    biggie22 New Member

    Hi, I actually have the Traktor Scratch PRO demo and will be purchasing the full version pending how i like it, and of course if it all works out well for me.

    Also, i'm not really in need of any troubleshooting at this point, I really just need some help wiring the system together as per my equipment above.

    Can someone please assist? I know there are schematics around, but can't seem to find them again.

    Thanks again.
  4. biggie22

    biggie22 New Member

    I have figured this out..pretty straight forward and also, just reviewed the full (not quick start) manual. has everything you need with great detail....

  5. DjPitt954

    DjPitt954 New Member

    i got the traktor scratch duo a while ago and im also running denon dn-s3500 turntables but i have a denon dn-x1500s hook it up to the auido 4 dj, on end of the cable has 4 differnt color inputs that match up to the audio 4 dj, plug them on the other end u have 3 sets of rca cables, the female set is your connection to ur turntables...take ur rca from your turntables n plug it into the female for your mixer, with the two remaining sets of rca's at the end of the cord, select the one that says "Mixer Line In", and that will connect to your mixer where u origanally connected ur turntables to...the third rca stays disconnected...and there u have it, ur all connected and ready to go....just make sure the audio 4 dj is set to line and not phono so the program can calibrate ur turntables....
  6. Deluxe197

    Deluxe197 New Member

    Denon DN-S3500

    Hey DJ Pitt,

    Hopefully you can help me out. I own the DN-S3500's also and I'm tired of the CD's. I'm really thinking about getting traktor but I've heard a lot of people saying that the 3500's are very troublesome.

    Have they been working well for you? Was it a easy hook up? Does the manual tell you what configurations you need to set the 3500's at (ex Audio curve on or off etc)

    I have a Dell Laptop (with Vista). Where do I find what settings I need to have?

    And I'm reading that Duo is much different then Pro. Is it worth the additional cash?

    I dont want to shell out all that cash for Serato. But I like the set-up for Traktor...if it will work with the 3500's. Also does the keylock on traxtor work? I read that you can't use the keylock on the 3500's.

    Thanking you in advance for the help.

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