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Help Files Missing!

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by fluxivityhd, May 9, 2012.

  1. fluxivityhd

    fluxivityhd Forum Member

    My files seem to not be in my machine browser. My Komplete elements along with my User banks are not even showing up on the browser? I was just using the software earlier in the day and it was fine. Then went to load up during a jam session and it started giving me problems with messages saying it my files/samples does not exist. I'm freaking out.
  2. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator


    please contact tech support.

    and to get an answer here you need to give details about your computer/system.

  3. fluxivityhd

    fluxivityhd Forum Member

    Thank you. I will definitely contact tech support.
  4. rhed

    rhed New Member

    hi bro it seems like we have the same problem, i also have some missing files like the VSTs and the last time i had open my Machine, all of my files are gone and i have to search all of them again, but now my only problem now is the VSTs... :confused:
  5. Krystal

    Krystal New Member

    This is what I did, hopefully it works for you - I had a similar problem. I would try to load a previous song or whatever and it would just say files and samples don't exist. So this is what I did...
    Search your computer for the format that all your old projects came in. With Maschine it is .mprj - take those and put them into one folder on the desktop. Then seek out all the .wavs (samples) and place them into another folder on the desktop. Open Maschine, go into 'disc' and rescan both of those folders.
    Now you will most likely find duplicate copies of your projects in the maschine browser, but one will work and one will not. So you open the one that does and save it right away, and delete the empty file.

    I'm not sure if this applies to your exact situation, but it worked for me. :)
  6. fluxivityhd

    fluxivityhd Forum Member

    Thank you. I figured out how to get my Komplete elements back. Now my big problem is that gettting all my samples back in one place. I found some of them, but it seems as if they were all scattered. I tried spotlighting them on my macbook pro, but a lot of them did not come up. I will have to try and do it your way this weekend. Thank you.
    These kinks have to be all fixed in order to avoid these comflicts. I undertsand that it is a software and they are prone to these kinks, but it is very frustrating.
  7. analoghaze

    analoghaze NI Product Owner

    Open Maschine.
    On the left side of Maschine, chose the drive you have the sounds in. (MACINTOSH HD)
    It may be in "all users"
    Find "Maschine Library"
    Click on it. (it will highlight orange)
    Click "import" on the bottom.
    It will take a few minutes.
    All of your original sounds should be reinstalled.
  8. fluxivityhd

    fluxivityhd Forum Member


    Hey Analoghaze

    I clicked the folders and seem to still find the same files, but not the ones that are missing. I understand the importing part. I still cannot find a lot of my samples. There see, to be default folders that were suppose to contain my samples but it is empty.
  9. fluxivityhd

    fluxivityhd Forum Member

    I figured it out. thank you for all the help. It was actually a blessing in disguise. It showed me how organize my custom sounds and samples through preferences and such. It worked out in my favor. Thank you all.