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    ok, so yes this downloads.

    what do you want me to do visa-vi the UL?

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    hi phil,

    i did need to drop pcontraption from this upload to make it work just because of the size limitations of the forum (10mb) but if i recall correctly, the size limitation for the UL is 20mb. so i guess i'd just like to be able to update both of my files myself. i'll try on another machine (i have a laptop with legs that i can walk down to a wireless network) to see if it's just something cursed about my home connection. i'm just surprised that i'm the one and only with this problem.

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    What are the requirements for MP3 files attached as samples in an upload?

    I tried a file at various rates and types of MP3 using CoolEdit and SoundForge but always got an upload error complaining that the file was not an mp3 file.

    All the files I made played back on Windows Media Player and I've made literally thousands of MP3 files that all play fine in various devices.

    I attached a zip version of the file.

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    Suggestions for people who upload sets of files to the U/L.

    The User Library maintains some software management features that can severely impact your interaction with the U/L if you don't understand them.

    The one that always gets me is that the name of the upload file may itself be a problem. Somehow the U/L remembers that file name, so if you use the same one for a later upload what happens is that the U/L merges the two uploads.

    The second problem that happens to me a lot is that you can have the upload be a zip file which is a folder of items, or it could be a list of items, but you can NOT have a folder hierarchy. If you try to upload one the update will hang forever.

    In summary, to be simple:

    1) the first two characters of your upload should be version major.minor followed by a simple name. The U/L adds a huge prefix of transaction information and then truncates the name so you only really get a few characters in the ID.

    That way every time you update your file will be unique.

    2) Don't use folders - keep everything flat.
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    thanks for clearing up this
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    I see that I have an error report in the library. I guess this happens when someone clicks on the 'report error to...' link.

    I have no idea what the error is or how to resolve this, when I click on the report link I just get a list of all my library uploads - nothing to show the error report.

    Has anyone else seen this? What to do?

    Never mind - I see from old postings that the only thing to do is to look through every upload you ever did and find the one with an error report.

    This is not very easy, I have a lot of uploads.
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    I had a few problems with uploading and with the support I figured it out but I think I still made a few mistakes.

    My suggestion:

    Write an HowTo with hints how you can handle Folder Structures in the resulting Download-ZIP and other things you should know. This would help newbies like me.
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    This is a serious problem with the User Library - the file management software will rewrite your package into terms it wants without telling you and does many other things that you don't want - like merging old stuff you uploaded with new stuff you are trying to fix.

    It will accept folders, even zipped folders, but not expand them.

    If the filename looks like something it has, it will merge your file with that file.

    And you won't know unless someone tells you or you download and test.

    And if someone posts an error to your upload, it will tell you that someone did that - but not to which upload the error was about. So you have to look at every upload you ever made to find it.

    And it's always in the last place you look.

    This is very frustrating, especially newcomers who aren't familiar with the upload process. Nobody expects this mechanism to change files, it should just save them as-is.

    And, finally, if you have a large upload (samples for example), they are unlikely to be accepted and you have to host them elsewhere. Disk drives are pretty cheap now, I think the upload size limit should be removed. Uploads above a certain size could be held in a certain area and a moderator could approve/disapprove it. There aren't that many times this happens.