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Help please. un-register Traktor PRO and SCRATCH DUO

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by piedroporto, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. piedroporto

    piedroporto Forum Member

    Hi. here's my problem.

    I Own traktor PRO and this one guy owns Traktor SCRATCH Duo.

    His CDJ's are midi capable so he doesn't need audio4 and he agreed to exchange his Scratch Duo for my Pro for some extra money on my behalf (it's a good deal), and then i'll pay for the upgrade and switch to Scratch Pro.

    So it's a win win situation.

    How do i un-register my PRO and how does he un-register his Scratch DUO so that we can make the exchange and have the serial nrs available for correct install ?

    can someone help ?

  2. Frace

    Frace Forum Member

    you send a mail to NI to unregister your product, uninstall it and run the service center once after uninstalling it so that it has no installations and no registered owner anymore
  3. piedroporto

    piedroporto Forum Member

    thanks. so... email or fax ? meanwhile i started searching and found out some people unregister through fax. which is more efficient ?
  4. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    To Transfer Ownership the Seller MUST Fax this form below (not email).
    Only the Seller can transfer or deregister a product.

    Heres the form:

    Transfer of Ownership:


    I .............................. (please enter name and address) herewith confirm that I have sold and transfered my NI-product(s) .............................. (please enter product name) with the serial number .............................. (please enter serial number) to .............................. (please enter name and address).

    I surrender all rights of use of the NI-product(s) to the buyer. Please delete my product registration so the new buyer can re-register it.

    I affirm that I handed the original software over to the buyer and destroyed or deleted all copies of the Licence software as well as all pertinent documentations completely.


    Signature seller

    send to:

    Schlesische Straße 28
    D-10997 Berlin, Germany

    Fax: +49 30 6110 35-2600
  5. piedroporto

    piedroporto Forum Member

    to Karlos

    IMHO, it should be allowed to email. 1st, anyone can fax in your behalf. although it doesn't bring anyone any good (doing that), i'd say it makes more sense emailing NI from the email that you registered. Karlos, do you know why this is not a valid way of transfering product licences?

    i just think it is safer and makes sense.

    let me add that i say this because i have some urgency in dealing with this process and neither myself nor the other guy have easy access to fax
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