Help: Session Strings 2 used on Cubase

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by Sébastien Grossetti, Jan 26, 2021.

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm getting onto Session Strings 2, in order to include violin track on a Cubase project, but the way it works is not completely clear to me yet...

    I'm trying to get some parts playing long ambiant notes, and some other parts playing pizzicato style, but I cannot find a way to make it change from one to the other along the way. Automation or anything seems not to allow this to be done, is this right? I even tried to add multiple instruments in the rack, but I4m not able to dynamically change volume of each or enable/disable these etc...
    The only alternative I could find is to create one cubase track per different playing style or rythm... I guess this is not the way it should be, right?

    I hope I'm clear enough for you to understand what I'm looking for, but if not, please tell me how I can be more :)

    Any help/advise/idea to get this in a single track would be highly appreciated!

    Thanks by advance