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  1. Neil Watcyn-Palmer

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    I have issue when Help text fails to match released software.
    Reaktor 6.4.0 (R2) should show me a STRUCTURE icon t allow me to edit an ensemble such as AKKORD and allow me to swap out the sequencer and replace it with SPIRAL. It does not and the help text is useless.

    Neither does it show me an EDIT button as the screen shorts in the manual suggest.

    I work in IT and have seen for decades the IT support and dev teams scoff at mortals such as me whilst whispering cheekily RTFM.
    Well I have Read the Flaming Manual and it is no helping

    SO I turn to a community and ask - in my version of REAKTOR, how can I swap out the sequencer on ensemble AKKORD and use SPIRAL instead.
  2. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    Spiral to Akkord.png
    Mute Akkord Seq with right mouse button and paste Spiral under Akkord.
    Set a MIDI connection from Spiral to Akkord

    The manual is okay. It's global.
    You need a TUT (tuturial).

    Come here - say please help me - and we do it!
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  3. Paule

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    Akkord + SpiralDUR with Xternal midi input + MRC

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