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Hercules ASIO Problem

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by shemloo, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. shemloo

    shemloo NI Product Owner

    Hello all
    I have been trying to use the ASIO driver on my Hercules DJ Console with Traktor Pro but everytime I try to use it, Traktor freezes. I have the latest drivers installed. Anyone got any suggestions or experienced the same problem?
  2. mumbles

    mumbles NI Product Owner

    hey shemloo had the same prob though i have mk2 maybe the same!
    set up all the preferences before connecting the hercules like importing
    the midi controls. just selected your computer sound card the now.
    then shut down connect hercules and start pro hopefully will work for you
  3. aEoLuS

    aEoLuS New Member

    I always make sure my console (mk2) is connected before starting Traktor.

    Then went to midi setup, choose the hercules console and imported the midi settings.. No problem what so ever.

    I use the Hercules ASIO driver for my audio. Did you choose the standalone ASIO driver?
  4. shemloo

    shemloo NI Product Owner

    Het guys thanks for the reply.
    The asio driver I am using is the one that you set in the Hercules Control Panel. The wierd thing is that it works fine in Traktor 3! I haven't set the midi up as I was only using the sound card but I will give it a go.
  5. Djarsennal

    Djarsennal Forum Member

    same here with the mk2
  6. shemloo

    shemloo NI Product Owner

    Hey there
    Did you resolve your Hercules issue.Can't get mine to work at all!
  7. uhrensohn

    uhrensohn New Member

    Hey there,

    i have exactly the same problem!
    I am using the Hercules DJ Console (1. Edition) as an external soundcard. Without using the ASIO mode it works, but just with one channel....if I activate ASIO (for having 2 Channels) it freezes immediately :-(

    What can I do?

    @shemloo: Did you find any solution?
  8. shemloo

    shemloo NI Product Owner

    Hello there.
    Unfortunately not. Got a new soundcard and seperate mixer in the end. Which I was thinking of doing anyway.Hope you manage to sort it out.
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