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Discussion in 'Computer Technology and Setup' started by brybythefire, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. brybythefire

    brybythefire NI Product Owner

    I Just bought a Hercules DJ console to use with Traktor DJ Studio (not the program that comes with the dj console) .... anyway, I am interested in talking with anyone who owns uses the console, and have a couple of questions .... 1. no lights on the console light up for me. 2. what do you use the jog wheels for? I have found that there is drift if i try to use them as a deck winding tool .... any ideas?
  2. mexicannnnnn

    mexicannnnnn NI Product Owner

    Try the traktor forum, there are people using the controller on there that can help you out.
  3. kid s

    kid s New Member

    i've just bought a hercules dj console, mac edition, and i'm having some problems with the installation.

    i can't find the serial number, the installer asks me a 25 digit serial, and a sticker in the back of the console only has 15 digits.

    can someone help me?

  4. mishmashmole

    mishmashmole NI Product Owner

    I can't remember I'm afraid. But please go to the post below as I want NI to set up a separate forum just for Hercules owners. There are Hercules posts all over the place and there should be one where owners can have support and one place to discuss. Ni to promote it on their site and they make a special version of Traktor for it. Final Scratch should have the same. Maybe they do, I haven't checked yet.

  5. alekzzander

    alekzzander New Member

    Da Jog works only when U turn it up da effect !! N-Joy :) donnow abot why light doesn't work maybe try set up once again Ur console softwewre with plug in console !!
  6. mada76

    mada76 NI Product Owner

    I use the same combination.
    The light don´t work for me neither. The yog weel, you can program i to any function. I think you sould use it for scratching.

    I am looking for a file with "hotkeys" for hercules consule.
    Then you dont have to program it.
  7. cxx

    cxx NI Product Owner

    Eine Mail an NI, auf die selbstverständlich nie eine Antwort kam:

    Wir sind glücklicher Käufer der Traktor/Herkules Bundle Lösung.
    Eigentlich wunderbare Lösung, nur fehlen uns viele Features der STUDIO Lösung.
    Wir hatten Herkules gekauft weil das Tool super läuft und von uns als Ersatz für eine gleich teuere Soundkarte gesehen wurde), finden es aber sehr schade, eine verkrüppelte Traktor-Software dazu zu bekommen (ohne Upgrade Möglichkeit auf die STUDIO) - viele Features fehlen doch sehr.

    Was am meisten fehlt ist die Möglichkeit, mehr zu automatieren
    (div. cue- und end-Punkte, Speichern bearbeitbarer Sets. Oder die Tempo-Grids für die beatfreien Stellen die ich in der STUDIO Demo bestaunen durfte.

    Ferner würde ich mir Autostart des nächsten Titels bei "unattended play" wünschen da wir die Software nur "nebenbei" auf Parties laufen lassen können wollen, und vielleicht einen eingebauten Software-EQ für den Masterausgang. (Oder warum werden die in den ID Tags hinterlegten iTUnes-EQ Einstellungen nicht vielleicht berücksichtigt....?)

    Probleme mit iTUNES:
    Itunes Tags werden nicht korrekt eingelesen: Umlaute werden verschluckt. (Manuelles Nachkorrigieren in Traktor ist möglich aber KEINE echte Lösung, weil total nervig und unnötig zeitraubend.) Es muss doch im Jahre 2005 - und bei einem deutschen Softwarehaus - möglich sein, Umlaute zu erhalten. :)

    Die Anleitung gibt KEINE Hinweise, was passiert, wenn man den Tag
    zurückschreibt (also welche spezifischen iTunes Tags damit ggf. verloren gehen). Welche Tag-Version wird in iTunes empfohlen? (Einstellmöglichkeit in iTunes)

    Der Sync mit iTunes scheint nur zu laufen, wenn man in iTunes "iTunes-Musikordner verwalten" ausgeschaltet ist" Richtig? - Ein Hinweis dazu in dem eh total mageren Handbuch wäre doch vielleicht mal nett.

    In Itunes kann man eine Track-Startzeit einstellen. Warum wird das nicht als Default Cue-Point importiert?

    In Traktor gelöschte iTunes-Playlists (z.B. meine Klassiksammlung) wird beim nächsten Laden einfach wieder re-installliert. Was den Sync beim Programmstart nicht gerade schneller macht.
    In Itunes gelöschte Playlists bleiben in Traktor weiterhin angezeigt.

    Probleme mit iCAL:
    Wenn Traktor läuft, kann ich iCal Reminder nicht anklicken zum Termin verschieben. Popup kommt nicht. - Ressourcenmangel?

    Probleme mit Herkules:
    Ein angewandter FX Soundfilter wird nicht ausgeschaltet wenn man FX in Herkules beendet. Man muss erst auf eines der Zahlenbuttons klicken, bis der Filter in Traktor abgewählt ist
    (nicht mehr orange). Sonst bleibt er eingeschaltet...

    EQ-Drehknöpfe können nicht softwaremäßig nachjustiert werden. So ist ein Drehknopf bei Herkules auf 2 Uhr-Position, in Traktor hingegen auf 12 Uhr. Das ist ein bisschen viel "Toleranz".
  8. don2b

    don2b NI Product Owner

    I bought the 3.0 upgrd for traktor ...and basically its a waste of money...I cannot use it with the Hercules console as I do with 2.6

    NI announced all this "support" with mixer interfaces (i.e. .tks file would be a great start) from what I can see there is nothing...I am a "working " DJ and in the real world of in front of 200 people on a dance floor... 3.0 is not as logical as 2.6.... too many bells not enough whistles...I cannot control the decks..get headphones to work simply...why didn't they simply "improve" 2.6 instead of redesigning the intire mapping structure...I would love to hear "real world" fixes for the utility of 3.0
    and hercules...
  9. don2b

    don2b NI Product Owner

    I 've been using 2.6 with relative success...I'm not sure what is happening as of late ..my song inventory is 45,000 ...is this too many ? I get a distortion in sound of a track...while a search is being performed? not a
    clip type dist. but an obvious interruption in the "playing" track...?

    also I got 3.0 and I use the Hercules...and I can't figure out how to get a successful main out with a separate monitor(HP) out. with 2.6 I could see the Herc. out ? as a monitor for headphone ..then the main out of the computer is my master for the performance.....

    I also bought a gigaportAG that does not work...nor the griffen Imic

    •••••I need help•••••

    Hercules, Imac G5, rane mixer, rane Eq, JBL eons....
  10. DJ-}Moose

    DJ-}Moose Forum Member


    I use the Hercules console with Traktor 3. It takes a bit of time to set up but works well. There will be no lights as the bundled version of Traktor sends midi signals back to the unit, where 3 doesn't.

    I also had the same problem with configuring the main and monitor outs, but I mostly use an external mixer and output three channels no problem. One thing I can't seem to manage is to record. I have the tape output of my mixer connected to the input on the console and the signal is received by my Mac. I can record in Audacity no problem, but the signal does not appear in Traktor. I have the input and recording preferences set correctly. Any ideas?


    DJ }Moose
  11. Sidewalker

    Sidewalker NI Product Owner

    2 questions:
    1. As I try to import my whole iTunes library the program just crashes. And yes I tried it more than 10 times. And it's not that it doesn't work at all, as it works by importing the songs artist after artist. But this takes ages and is NOT how the program is meant to work.
    2. As some people are talking about Traktor DJ Studio 2.6 here, I'm asking: Is it possible to work with the Hercules DJ Console (Mac) by using the normal DJ Studio 2.6 or is it only dedicated to the Traktor Studio Hercules DJ Console version? I was thinking of buying the old DJ Studio anyway, but I don't want the DJ Console to be a total waste of money.

    btw. I'm totally pissed than it doesn't work.
  12. Sidewalker

    Sidewalker NI Product Owner

    Oh, and another thing is the need of extra speakers. I never read anything about it and suddenly it says in the manual I would need to have some. I've got an eMac which includes speakers in the monitor. Normally they're good enough. So is there no way, but buying extra speakers, too?
  13. mobym

    mobym New Member

    Is there anyone who can e-mail me the tks-file for the hercules DJ controller with traktor DJ 2.6?

  14. dj1

    dj1 New Member

    Its not always a good idea to get updates cause sometimes they don't work well and you just wish it was back to the way it was. Their should be a function in traktor that will allow you to switch back to the older version before you updated it .
  15. BoardinBob

    BoardinBob Forum Member

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