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Hercules RMX Crisis ! Please help! I have to play live shows soon !

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by Jambandbass18, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. Jambandbass18

    Jambandbass18 Forum Member

    I used to have a Sony Vaio , it crapped out on me. So I had to buy a new computer

    Asus 3gb , 2.2gh intel, windows 7, Traktor 3.2 , and Hercules RMX 10ms latency.

    My old computer was nothing special. Under 1gb , Windows XP , don't remember the gh.. I'm not very techy. Had it running 21ms latency.

    But here's the problem I'm having..
    On the old computer, the hercules sounded great, traktor ran fine, and sounded good weather using 1/4" or RCA outputs..

    Now, traktor runs fine, sounds good out of the headphones, but the output sounds a little distorted - especially in the low end. If I use an aux cord from the headphone jack and plug it into my speakers everything sounds just as clear as they do through the headphones.. But when I use the 1/4" out of either output 1 or 2 , it sounds just a little crackly and rough.. Output 3 isn't as bad, but still not as clear as out of the headphone jack. I tried lowering latency, and other settings, but it just sounds a little distorted.

    What could be the problemo? I have 3 big shows coming up, first being June 19th - and I'm a little freaked out that I can't figure this out. I need this new setup to sound clean..

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  2. Shaloo

    Shaloo NI Product Owner

    Try raising the latency. If you lower your latrency to much you only do more damage to your sound.
  3. Made In Breizh

    Made In Breizh Forum Member

    Hello Jambandbass18,

    Have you tried opening DJ Console Rmx control panel, and set down its volume slider on output 1-2 to reduce the output level?
    I wonder if your amplifier is saturating due to jack 1-2 output level being too loud.

    Made In Breizh
    Team Member of Hercules DJ Mix Room
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