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Here we go

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by djjasoncarroll, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. djjasoncarroll

    djjasoncarroll NI Product Owner

    Hey all been a while since I had a problem, long story my kiddie dropped orange all over my mac so its dead, I swapped over to my windows laptop tbh all was ok followed all the normal tricks to stop it going wrong.

    Mid set the laptop turned off like a switch it is a Dell studio 17" with a Denon mc3000

    i7 2.3ghz 4gb of ram

    It did it again last night I ended up turning off everything in the DJ booth apart from the mixer and it ran fine been in to all the power settings checked that nothing is switching off usb or anything its like a switch on and then off.

    I ran it at home the other night all was ok ive dont a few gigs with it now and its done it twice both in the same place
  2. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Hey Jason..!

    The only time this happened to me, it was cause by a power surge in a badly wired club. In fact the only time I have heard this happen to anyone it was cause by a power surge.

    Do you have a surge protection strip or your laptop on surge plug?

    Never happened to me with a power strip with surge protection.

  3. djjasoncarroll

    djjasoncarroll NI Product Owner

    Yeah I think it could be that I had a couple of issues with loosing midi on my mac I'll buy a surge ext lead give it a try also bought a laptop stand to get it off the wood in the booth, and I was guessing the wouldn't be a concrete answer.

    Cheers for the help