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History tracks List

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by romo53, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. romo53

    romo53 New Member

    Current Configuration: S4 mk2 + F1.
    Since I attacked the F1 to S4, so I can manage directly decks C and D, in the archive (accessible by Browse / Explorer / archive where i find the tracks history), the history playlist no longer contains the Sample played.
    If i have track 1 on A, then Sample in C, then Track 2 in B, the result is
    Track 1

    While if not attack the F1, in chronological list of the tracks also appear in order samples used.
    Track 1

    I can not find some "flag" to indicate this option.


    Eccomi di ritorno con una nuova grana.
    Configurazione attuale: S4 mk2 + F1.

    Da quando ho attaccato il F1, quindi gestisco direttamente i decks C e D, nella sezione archive (accessibile tramite Browse/Explorer/archive) dove si trovano le history, in pratica la lista di brani non contiene più i Sample usati.

    Mentre se non attacco il F1, nella lista cronologica dei tracks compaiono anche in ordine i sample usati.

    Non riesco a trovare qualche "flag" per indicare questa opzione.

  2. romo53

    romo53 New Member

    In preferences - transport - Play count

    "Minimum PlayTime" adjusts the time you need to play a track before it is marked as played. If a track is marked as played it will be added to the history section for this session and will be marked with a check mark, and it will also show up in the Archive for the session, and its play count will be raised.
    Il tempo va da 0 a 60, quindi perché un sample sia "marked" bisogna metterlo a 2/4 sec max

  3. romo53

    romo53 New Member

    No way, the tracks sample played in the remix decks was not in the history in any way.