How can I learn advanced mappings?

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    I'm a long time Traktor user and have done some basic mappings for my keyboard & controller, however I'd like to learn some more advanced stuff and I just don't seem able to find any material online.
    There are some tutorials on Youtube of course, but for the most part they cover similar topics such as one button effect , etc...
    There are many options in the mappings that I have no idea what they're for and I'd love to find out what those do ?

    Is there a manual, tutorial or any other source that I can read up on?

    I do know there's a Traktor Bible out there, but I'm not sure how good that book is....
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    I have to say, I bought the Traktor Bible, 1 week after I bought my first Traktor set (Audio 6) and learned a lot! I since then bought the newer version (with information about remix and such) and I can advice all Traktor users to do so. When you buy the book, you also get a login for the Traktor Bible website, which has some updates. Although a Traktor Bible part3 for the latest version of Trakto would be very welcome too. :)
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    Come over to
    On the blog you´ll find beginner and advanced tutorials. And on the forum you will find help and more tipps.
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    Correct - traktorbibel ist the best website about mappings and stuff like that, all about traktor.