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[How do i set up traktor 3 + hercules dj console rmx?]

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by xces2kill, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. xces2kill

    xces2kill New Member

    Im a noob sorry =[.
    Just got a the hercules dj console rmx. hookd it up to the computer and speakers.
    running it well with the virtual dj that came with it.

    traktor however doesnt seem to be reading it.
    it recognizes it cuz it shows up in the preferences > audio setup > sound card > as "DS Hercules DJ Console RMX"

    buttons dont work tho, help plz.
  2. listenupza

    listenupza New Member

  3. listenupza

    listenupza New Member

    you are almost there! - you need to load the midi maps...this basically tells traktor what to do when you push certain buttons on your rmx console...

    go here:


    download the pc/mac instructions under the "Traktor DJ 3 Midi Preset" this will tell you to download the .tks file (midi maps) and then load them into traktor and you are away!

    you will be sorted after following these steps...

  4. xces2kill

    xces2kill New Member

    sweet ! thanx got it working.
    ! :D
  5. njmiller31

    njmiller31 New Member

    I am having having the same problem he was.

    I have:
    Lights on Rmx
    Updated Traktor 3
    Updated Rmx Drivers
    Updated and installed tks file

    I don't have:
    any control over Traktor 3 from the Rmx console. Basically "dem damn buttons don't work"

    Any advice?
  6. alepeinador

    alepeinador NI Product Owner

    Sounds like you just have to "activate it" in Traktor:

    go to Preferences... Hot Key and Midi Setup... Midi Interfaces... and check both boxes left of the "Hercules RMX" option.

    These activate MIDI IN and MIDI OUT to the Hercules or any other MIDI interface.

    People who's Hercules works as expected but no lights work usually have the first one checked but not the second one.
  7. aviray

    aviray Forum Member

    Thanks , I was hopelessly trying to find that on their website.
    because I am thinking of getting the Steel model. Seems like RMX may work better then what I tried till now-Novation SL, MPD32, Faderfoxes LV2/LX2 - all great but actually build for other purposes. .
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