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How do I trigger the sample start button from a MIDI device

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Jodi Curtis, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Jodi Curtis

    Jodi Curtis New Member

    Does anybody know how to control the sample start button via MIDI trigger, (and other sampler related functionality such as delete-sample) from a MIDI pedal for guitar based sampling?

    As they don't have 'learn' functionality and I cant find a MIDI mapping form for the sampler, I was hoping there might be a default trigger (either pc/cc/note) I can use, or a MIDI mapping form?

    I found an older thread with no answer too. It would be a massive feature to be able to control sample start and sample delete from the sampling window with pedal-based controls, as it can then replace dedicated looper pedals, without adding obstacles compared with how MIDI guitar pedals normally work

    I'm using the FCB1010 - so I can send of to 5 program changes, 2 cc's, and 1 note for each footswitch (10 in total) - including having two switch outputs (which I'd hope to avoid)

    It has 10 footswitches.

    This FCB1010 either goes into a NI Komplete Audio 6, A Roland UA25-ex, or the Machine MK3 (if the others are unavailable) directly over MIDI.

    I know how to use the learn functionality from a MIDI controller, but I cannot find a learn or mapping form for sampler functions

    Thanks for any help.
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  2. b-r@nno

    b-r@nno NI Product Owner

    chances are that it just is not possible. i was dissapointed to that i can't record any automation when using a "3rd party midi controller". and AFAIK as long there's no "learn" for a control, it can't be controlled remotely...

    i hope i am wrong tho.
  3. ScottK

    ScottK NI Product Owner

    You could send midi program changes to start different scenes and midi to change lock states which could be used for mutes.
    Not quite what your looking for but possibly a workaround.
  4. Jodi Curtis

    Jodi Curtis New Member


    I've made some progress. You can use an external pedal into the MK3, which starts/stops playback of the whole project, but in sampling mode, it triggers the start/cancel/undo so you can record loops - and I guess this is adequate for basic practice, or studio work.

    This could be triggered from the FCB1010 sw out with some experimentation, but I've chosen to just have it along side the pedalboard.
    I also found in Macro, you can create a new set of parameter pages, one of these is audio-mute. Audio mute has a learn capability, although it didn't actually mute the output - I'm hoping this was just a routing error on my part.

    I plan to keep reading the manual on and off, to hope I find something useful. Though getting these two to work should get it functionally close to a decent feature light looper pedal for casual practice
  5. Blindeddie

    Blindeddie NI Product Owner

  6. Jodi Curtis

    Jodi Curtis New Member

    Hi, yes I found a section in the manual earlier today, and have setup a pedal. I'm going to explore building from this tomorrow. I'm hoping I will be able to trigger/change patterns via MIDI routing when the sampler is in 'pattern' mode (I'm hoping this control doesn't require MIDI coming in from a HOST)

    I'll update the thread for any positive outcomes regarding adding further control