How Do You Copy All patterns at at once to Another Pattern?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by theinvis, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. diggin_wax

    diggin_wax Forum Member

    First, there is a mistake in my last post. You have 64 patterns per group. You can change the pattern bank:
    1. in the Software by clicking on the downwards arrow on the left side on the selected group. (The 'blue row' over the sounds.
    2. with the controller by pressing the 'Pattern' button (and holding it) and pressing the four buttons over the right display.

    And your other problem, I understood it like this:

    In the software it looks like this:

    _______|Scene1 | Scene2 |
    Group A|Drums A|Drums A variaton|
    Group B| Bass A |Bass A variation|
    Group C|Piano A |Piano A variation|

    So, the variation Patterns must be new patterns and you want to copy the pattern A to Pattern B and make variations in Pattern B, right?

    So, you just copy the pattern and do it?

    You can right click on a pattern in the software (the blue row again) and click on copy and then on another pattern and paste it so you duplicated the pattern.

    Or you do it with the controller. You press the pattern button and keep it pressed. Then you select the pattern you want to copy and then you press the third function button, duplicate. (The third over the left display).
    Then Maschine will copy your selected into the next empty pattern.

    After copying the pattern you want you go to the copy and edit it. And then you use the first pattern for the first scene and the second (copied) pattern for the second scene.

    I hope you understand what I mean and I hope I under stood what you wanted to know!

    And sorry for my english :D

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  2. theinvis

    theinvis NI Product Owner

    ah dw, I think you have understood, and I think I'm understanding you too, basicly there is no way to do it all at once and also it looks like you're equating the 'scenes' in maschine to the 'sequences' of the mpc.......i see. so I cannot copy all of the groups patterns in one go.

    well I hope Ni has really taken note of this thread, it looks like many many people have checked this thread to see if there was an answer for the thread titles question.

    thank you for your help.
  3. diggin_wax

    diggin_wax Forum Member

    Hm another way could be this one.

    You duplicate a whole scene (it's the same procedure like duplicating a pattern but in the scene menu). Then you duplicate the one pattern you want to edit, edit and replace it.

    And to the MPC/Maschine thing. I think there are some major differences.
    In MPC you have 8 Groups and every group can carry 16 sounds.
    And then you do sequences with all sounds of all groups and you arrange the sequences in the song mode.

    The difference is, that the patterns (similar to the sequences of the mpc) are bound to the groups.

    You have also 8 groups and for every group you have 64 patterns and you arrange them in the scene menu and you can place in one scene one pattern of one group. so, if you want to place Group A - Pattern 1 and Group A - Pattern 2 in Scene 1, I think that doesn't work. You have to copy the whole group to another one.

    I hope that's right, if not, please tell me :D

    I think that's something important to know before you start your song to structure and arrange the sounds to the groups you need it.

    I do it this way:

    Group A - Drums, Snares, Hihats
    Group B - long Samples, sliced Samples and soon hopefully timestretched Samples
    Group C - Percussions, Bongos and stuff like this
    Group D - Bass if needed

    And I think you could say:
    MPC Sequence = Maschine Pattern
    MPC Song = Maschine Scene
    MPC Group = Maschine Group but they work different

    EDIT: And again to the duplicating thing.

    You can of course use the duplicate button. You go to the Scene of Pattern Menu on your controller, press and hold the duplicate button, select the pattern/scene you want to duplicate and select an empty scene/pattern where you want to have it.

    AND you can of course do the same wit a group. Just use the duplicate pattern and duplicate the whole group and edit the patterns.
  4. theinvis

    theinvis NI Product Owner

    again my thanks , and + 1 on that time stretching!
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