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how do you feel about ni not giving us crossgrade for maschine

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by loscolorados, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. djwaxxy

    djwaxxy NI Product Owner

    one thing a few new users may not know is that youll also get previous kore expansions massive threat,urban 1 urban 2 for free..

    massive threat is one of my favourite expansions and is the whole reason i bought kore but once i bought kore i couldnt buy massive threat because it was discontinued but i was happy that native gave it away free with new massive update ..

    heres a link to hear massive threats presets( now free in 1.8)..
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6Ua4V5XST0"]Native Instruments Massive for $59? Massive Threat Review - YouTube[/ame]

    urban arsenal 2 (now free in 1.8)
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQDj6JjNcFI"]Native Instruments Urban Arsenal 2 review - YouTube[/ame]
    urban arsenal 1 (now free in 1.8)
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQWKIbW-jAk"]NI KORE Urban Arsenal Production Toolkit - YouTube[/ame]
  2. extra_medium

    extra_medium NI Product Owner

    That could be, but it doesn't matter if we forum posters think the controller is worth the sales price, or how we believe the cost should be divided up between the software and the controller. What matters is how NI and their bean counters see it and we don't have any control over that.

    I'm just saying that if/when there is an upgrade option for current owners, I bet the hardware will come with another DVD with the software and probably even a new license that didn't cost them anything to generate.
  3. djwaxxy

    djwaxxy NI Product Owner

    If its like kore when it got updated to kore 2 or any other ni product tht gets a major update then all you need to do is buy the updated software..when kore 2 came out you had the choice either buy the new controller or just pay £100 and get the update...fm8 ....etc did the samething and im positive maschine 2 software will be the same.
  4. TJ

    TJ NI Product Owner

    It would have been good! My pads have been pretty bad for a while and i just got a mikro controller for the pads and it's a big step up in quality over the mkI pads, i was surprised. So an opportunity to crossgrade to the new mkII controller (just the unit or the full package) would have been good although i'm glad i bought the mikro controller, it's a lot more expressive cause of the improved pads and reminds of the hardware grooveboxes i used to use prior to Maschine.

    Anyway i'm kinda stuck with this controller unless i can repair and upgrade the pads. If i could crossgrade the mkI controller would be an acceptable loss but as it is i would have to pay all over again and more this time for a new controller. :(
  5. kcearl

    kcearl NI Product Owner

    I actually forgot but i traded my UAD 1 cards in a few months ago...now theres a company with excellent customer service. Got $200 dollars back on each card so ended up paying $400 for two solo cards, both with $50 off vouchers. Ill never ditch UAD...they even sent out another thank you voucher, all in the middle of their annual sale...i bought a shitload

    Vouchers aside the v1 cards wouldve carried on working, just with no more support...dunno what theyll do with all the old cards...maybe send them out to sub saharan studios in Africa

    Maybe NI could send them our MkI maschines :)
  6. vinceprice

    vinceprice NI Product Owner

    if you think about it..... Buy a replacement Maschine and there is your crossgrade. If I'm not mistaken you can buy it without the software right? Or was that just the M1? Either way.... i will wait for MKIII we never really know what N.I is cooking so best to wait till something makes your eyes pop out. I'm waiting till they bridge Traktor and Maschine. makes no sense for someone to have 2 software licenses.
  7. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    No, you can't, which is what this thread (which is now going round in circles) is about ;)
  8. Sparksta

    Sparksta NI Product Owner

    and thats the point!

    my knobs are flaky and some are loose.

    its one of the first hardware versions that shipped with 1.0

    dont know if they improved it but a friend of mine got his on 399 sale and the knobs feel more durable.

    so do i have to pay like 150 bucks to replace all knobs or just be able to get mk 2 cheaper?

    i would like to see a crossgrade!
  9. uxo22

    uxo22 New Member

    Dude can you at least try and see the man's point?

    I agree with WD's point to an extent. No one is saying NI owes anyone anything. However one thing that companies seem to have forgotten that was so nice back in the day is this little thing called customer loyality. It falls right in line with the customer experience.

    A company should want to make their products as user friendly as possible (customer experience) and they also should pay a bit of loyality to their loyal customers if they want the customer to return the favor. I too think that it would have been nice if NI either given vouchers to people that have purchased the MK1 model (at least within the last 6 months or year) that allows them to purchase the MK2 hardware at 100 - 200 dollars off as a show of loyality. I know they don't owe me or anyone else anything and I am not mad that they didn't do so, HOWEVER, it would have been a nice gesture.

    This type of behavior from a company makes me buy their product versus a competitors product even if the competitors is slightly better. Because it's all about the service AFTER the purchase they weighs in the biggest to me.

    Just the way I see it. ;)
  10. 75er

    75er Forum Member

    Back then NI sold replacement controllers of Maschine to everybody.
    From one day to another the buylink was gone from the shop and support section of their website.
    I understand that this could have been because they where going to sell out.

    But it really doesn't make any sense to me why they don't sell Maschine MKII controllers now, like they did with the first version of the Maschine hardware.
  11. zinoff

    zinoff New Member

    as above

    As above said...
    They should allow registered Maschine users to buy additional controllers (without the software) for a lower price. Exactly like they do for Guitar Rig Kontrol.
  12. SN5N

    SN5N New Member

    I am really surprised at so many people defending NI policy on "no upgrade" option. T feel suspicious about it. World crisis and such and you really don't care for saving few bucks and " oh yes, I will buy another Maschine, it is just %)) Euros" (?) ;-P When we are offered upgrade option we become more satisfied, when we are more satisfied we buy more stuff from Native Instruments. Many customers can live without Native Instruments. Can Native Instruments survive without customers? I don't think so. Arrogant companies don't matter how big they are always end as bankrupts.

    THE WIDOWMAKER NI Product Owner

    I am really surprised people are still bangin on about this.

    i had hoped this would been closed by now...

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    Last edited: Nov 21, 2012
  14. kcearl

    kcearl NI Product Owner

    All companies have one purpose, to make money...period

    Other that the smaller outfits that may do it for love or other nonsense there are no good guys or bad guys...NI are no different than Ableton, Steinberg, Avid etc etc. anyone who thinks they are are fooling themselves.

    I was bitten twice with NIs pricing policies, not their fault but mine...ive learned and Ill never pay full price for an NI product again. But they arent the only company that Ive been caught out with...so wait for sales, if it isnt on sale now it will be..ask yourself, do you really need it or can you wait?

    I would like to say that Focusrite and UAD are two of the best companies Ive ever given my cash too...focusrite for its superb customer service (its like having a conversation with a friend who knows more) and UAD, they gave me $200 per card on the old system to upgrade, and damn if they dont keep giving me vouchers, got another $25 this morning...wait for their sales too i got the cambridge EQ for $39 in a sale with a $50 voucher, brilliant workhorse...ill never dump either of these two companies products

    Lol @ my blog
  15. Spidouz

    Spidouz NI Product Owner

    They either give choice to current users to buy the Hardware without license for a reduced price... Or they might estimate that is already the case because they're giving the software for free with the controller.

    In that case, we shouldn't need any license at all for the software.
  16. MartinHines

    MartinHines NI Product Owner

    Hopefully in the future NI will offer replacement mkIIs for sale separately like they did with the mk1.

    These controllers don't last forever and I am not aware that NI provides any type of repair service (or do they)?
  17. TJ

    TJ NI Product Owner

    That's what i thought, they did it with the mk1. I thought once they'd made enough mk2 sales they'd make it available but unless NI are in the habit of doing 180s then maybe not...