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How many of us use iTunes as our primary DJ collection?

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by chris_in_london, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Dalux

    Dalux New Member

    OKay, Okay, I get the Drag-and-drop trick. But what if you manage your're whole collection on your desktop (400Gb) in MediaMonkey. But now I have a gig in 2 weeks and what is the most practical and versatile way to get the whole stuff on my laptop INCLUDING my playlists? I can drag and drop the playlists to I-tunes on the desktopand make new maps of those collections on a external HD. (but than I just have a part of the main music collection) what about the other stuff that is not in my playlists. If I also copy that, everything will be double. . . . Anyone?
  2. DiscoPoelie

    DiscoPoelie NI Product Owner

    Well +1 for me... why?

    iTunes loads a lot faster, and integrates with my iPhone/iPod. It also has some nifty shuffle functions (like genius) which allows you to randomly listen to tracks on the road, and discover music you never realised you owned!

    But unfortunatly Traktor doesn't integrate completely with iTunes: No key tags, no artwork, long loading time on top of traktor itself, Not being able to add tracks to iTunes playlists from within Traktor, Different star ratings between traktor and iTunes, and so on...

    This kind of means I have seperate playlists on my Traktor and iTunes: So no way in hell I could add rediscovered tunes to a Traktor playlist... Real bummer...
  3. aviray

    aviray Forum Member

    I think the cleanest way is to have separate "Music/Traktor" partition (all music and the Traktor folder) and have external HDD for backups and transferring the entire thing to notebook. Once set you just need to update using Synctoy or similar - you will have safety,ease of use of 3 exact versions of music collection+all Traktor data.
  4. Dalux

    Dalux New Member

    Thanx for thinking with me. I wandered a bit around the NI-forum and I think for me it is the smartest to do the following things: Export my MM-files (400Gb) to a external HD by Auto-syncing-app on MM. Then load the whole MM into my laptop (and hopefully my playlistst wil be there too). From there I can Drag & Drop into TSPro. But now the question is: I have a big load of files tagged with f.i. "Dance - Deep". So I can Drag & Drop them into TSPro and then I all have them. But if I Drag & Drop a Playlist with only some songs out of the "Dance - deep"-files after that, will it copy those files double or just take them out of the "Dance-Deep"-tracks that are already in TSPro?
    My second question: If I Drag & Drop from external HD wil MM and TSPro read it from the external HD or do they import all the files? (I have only 200Gb on my Laptop. . . ).

    As I am just using TSPro seldom that's why I have those Sync-questions. Everyday I think of using it more often but then there is this thing called time! :)
  5. Zoosh

    Zoosh Forum Member

    never in a million billion years would i let i tunes near my mac!
  6. knappy

    knappy NI Product Owner

    I find myself struggling to find a music manager that integrates with serato and traktor scratch pro... I tried itunes but of course it does updates on it's own and breaks my video SL plugin. Soi have since abandoned that idea... I probably would have figured something out but it also seemed like traktor doesn't let you edit unless it's imported...unlike serato.

    i have used media monkey for tagging and artwork but of course there's no integration there either.
  7. DJ DeFleKt

    DJ DeFleKt Forum Member

    I would never want Traktor to force me to use any 3rd parties connections to playlist/collection/library, even if i bought everything from them.
    It's REALLY not hard to mangae your music library however your obtaining.
  8. myrobotlove

    myrobotlove Forum Member

    no one said we wanted traktor to FORCE everyone to use iTunes library integration. why do people keep thinking that?

    until traktor allows me to:

    - automatically add songs to playlists based on certain criteria
    - right click a song to see which playlists its in
    - easily update song info when ID3 tags are changed by another app
    - run scripts for bulk editing of ID3 tags (e.g. "add this before that", "remove n characters - from front/back", "tracks without artwork to playlist")
    - autofill ID3 tags based on other songs in my library
    - access 100+ playlists in multiple DJ/Audio applications from different manufacturers
    - automatically copy/move, sort and import songs based on artist/album when double clicked
    - library sharing over local network (e.g. drag & drop songs between libraries with itunes home sharing)
    - manage the music/photos/videos on my phone
    - load my music library from an external drive onto someone else's computer with a single keystroke
    - & more im probably forgetting

    ... i will continue to use iTunes.

    iTunes has had playlist folders for a while now. Basically the same with the exception that you cant put songs directly in the root folder because its not an actual playlist.

    I use nested iTunes playlist folders very heavily.
  9. Cid K

    Cid K NI Product Owner

  10. Justifiedsoul

    Justifiedsoul New Member

    iTunes all the way!

    I for one love iTunes for organing and burning playlists, playing back etc. The problem I'm currently having is this;
    Traktor has only recognised 2 of my Playlist folders, and its very annoying!

    Having just installed a new internal HD, I had to reload everything from scratch. I spent the time sorting my music folders, and was well happy with the prospect of getting it all done in iTunes and being able to use it directly in Traktor, BUT NO!

    I ran the Setup Wizard again, and tried the Refresh option from the iTunes Node, but no response.

    Does anybody have a work around for this please?

  11. David_Smith

    David_Smith New Member

    +1 for itunes. dont leave home without it.
  12. LarsStudio

    LarsStudio NI Product Owner

    I still don't get why some people talk about importing into the Traktor collection
    believing the actual tracks are moved or something...
  13. RockyD

    RockyD NI Product Owner

    I'm sort of a +1

    I'd like to see iTunes features integrated into Traktor rather than more integration with the actual app. iTunes is very bloated now with all the stuff for video, iPhone etc.

    I'd personally just like CD ripping with track names from one of the online DBs, Smart Playlists and drag and drop cover art that writes into the mp3s.
  14. jasperjones987

    jasperjones987 Forum Member

    I'd like Traktor to stay neutral on the player side. Tighter integration is likely to make Traktor more bloated. There are enough people who use other software such as MediaMonkey, foobar2000, Winamp, Songbird, WMP (+DirectShow filters), etc.
  15. Simon L

    Simon L Forum Member

  16. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Im afraid to say that i have had 3 failed attempts at making artwork stick in Traktor.
    Artwork has been a giant waste of time for me.

    Ive tried most of the 'recommended' Cover Art apps and i have been let down by all of them.
  17. Valy20007

    Valy20007 New Member

    +1 from my

    i like itunes, it's my primary management collection tool, and i can't figure out why isn't properly integrated with traktor
  18. Leonidas!

    Leonidas! New Member

    yes i agrre .i use itunes for organizing and traktor for serious dj work.but it would be extremely time saving if there was integration between traktor and tunes databases!
  19. emrik

    emrik Forum Member

    i recently switched to Mac and now I have to use Itunes, so +1 for me (I still miss a lot Mediamonkey on PC...snifff)
  20. malzfreund

    malzfreund NI Product Owner

    -1 don't want
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