How to easily upgrade from Traktor Pro 2 to Traktor Pro 3?

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    Hi all,

    I've been using a Traktor S4 MK1 for the last couple of years, with Traktor Pro 2 of course.
    Now I've bought a Traktor S4 MK3, which comes with Traktor Pro 3.

    I want to put Traktor Pro 3 only my laptop now of course. The easiest way would probably be to delete Traktor Pro 2 from my laptop and then install Traktor Pro 3, but I want to do this in such a way that I can keep my created playlists etc...

    Apart from that, I want to sell the MK1. So I believe I have to remove my ownership over the Traktor Pro 2 licence? I've read something about transferring ownership here, but that's a rather old post and I don't know if it still applies.

    I'm also in doubt how I would go about this. I can imagine that a potential buyer of my MK1 would like to try it out before her or she buys, but if I deregister my MK1's Traktor Pro 2 licence before putting it up for sale, then I can imagine that won't be possible anymore? And if I don't deregister it, then the buyer can't do anything with it until I deregister it. I can imagine some buyers might not trust buying a unit of which they don't know if the licence will ever work. (tbh, I wouldn't. :) )
    Unless of course it's possible to just install Traktor Pro 3 and then it's possible to use it with BOTH the new MK3 and the old MK1 (for demo purposes)? If this is possible, then I can deregister the Traktor Pro 2 licence of the MK1 before a buyer shows up.

    Thanks for your insights!
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    I'll reply to myself for future reference.
    It seems it's very easy to upgrade. I uninstalled Traktor Pro 2 and unassigned it from my account via the procedure that can be easily found online here. I then installed Traktor Pro 3 and it imported my settings from Traktor Pro 2 that were still there.

    I can also use the MK1 with Traktor Pro 3, so that's good enough for a demo in case a potential buyer needs/wants one.
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