How to find which instrument samples come from.

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    Hi there,

    I'm a KOMPLETE owner.

    I also use a standalone sample browser (ADSR Sample Manager) for finding samples.

    Often when I'm browsing samples in ADSR I find something I really like and it's an .nki.ogg file. Unfortunately these .ogg files can't be dropped into Logic.

    When I do a "Reveal in Finder" to try to find out which NI Instrument contains this sample it takes me to a folder path like:

    "Native Instruments/NBPL/Samples/0146b2d0-ee46-4663-b720-1e3043db8d02/.previews" or something like that. Unfortunately this doesn't give me any information about what instrument I should load to access the sample.

    I'd imagine there's no great solution to this problem but if anyone has any bright ideas about tracking down the instrument I'm looking for I'd really appreciate it.

    Alternatively - a really quick way of converting from .ogg to wav that wouldn't slow down my workflow too much would also help.

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    Those are very low-quality preview audio files that the Maschine/KK browser uses, so when you click something Maschine/KK doesn't need to load the instrument and instead just plays the preview... Check the Sample manager options to see if u can ignore Ogg files.

    Right-click something and select "Find in finder" in Maschine/KK in the one-shots/loop section not in ADSR Sample Manager, the Instrument tabs cant point you to audio files as instruments don't always have them or have other formats, or have hundreds of single notes, etc...


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