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How to get cymbal choke in Studio Drummer ?

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by yzf125, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. yzf125

    yzf125 NI Product Owner

    Hi guys , I am playing Studio Drummer with a Roland TD-12 Drum kit and cant get a cymbal choke but I get them in my Abbey Road drums ?

    Can someone please explain if this is possible to achieve with Studio Drummer and how to do it ?

    Thanks !
  2. o0Ampy0o

    o0Ampy0o Forum Member

    From page 40 of the manual:

    "Cymbal choke samples are triggered by specific note assignments which play release samples. When playing a cymbal sound, triggering the choke sample will play the sound of a choked cymbal which relates to the current volume of the played cymbal. If no cymbal sound is currently active, then the cymbal choke notes will do nothing. Choke samples can also be triggered with electronic drum pads which support the choking feature."

    Also see Drum Articulations section page 32 for what is available to each kit as well as this:

    "For the default drum mapping of these kits, please refer to the separate documents “The Session Kit - Default Mapping”, “The Stadium Kit - Default Mapping” and “The Garage Kit - Default Mapping”, included with the STUDIO DRUMMER documentation (via the Info button of the Instrument's Library tab in KONTAKT)."
  3. yzf125

    yzf125 NI Product Owner

    I understand that under the default it will have cymbal choke, but then I would have to go threw heck trying to get my hi hats right... That would be a midi assign nightmare. This should have cymbal choke also selecting TD-12- TD 20 but it doesn't for some strange reason its not mapped for it ? What were they thinking , must be a BIG over site that they missed.... and doesn't look like there will be a fix as this has been out for some time now and nothing yet........
  4. thunderkyss

    thunderkyss NI Product Owner

    Please explain a little further, I'm not following.