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[How To] Integrate User Library into Factory Library

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by JesterMgee, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. ThatAdamGuy

    ThatAdamGuy NI Product Owner

    Ah ha! This has been driving me nuts! I coulda sworn I somehow managed to get Spitfire BBSCO Discover into the Factory library, but... haven't been able to replicate.

    What's really odd is that -- after having used a special "NKS Installer" from East West -- all *their* VIs show up in KK's Factory library! :eek:

    I notice they put all their NKs files under c:/program data/east west/NKS/[instrument-name]/


    Anyway, will try the Sounds.com workaround. Thanks!
  2. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee Well-Known Member

    Developers can actually put their content anywhere on the system drive, they just create a registry/plist entry to point KK/Mashcine to where it is installed. I personally do the same thing on my system to create custom locations for all my own NKS libraries to easily manage each vendor under its own banner:


    This uses the more complex method of making dedicated entries rather than the simple easy to understand method of just dropping your custom NKS into the sounds.com folder location....

    You can actually place custom NKS files in ANY of the factory NKS locations and have them appear. It's actually pretty "easy" to make custom registry and xml files to create your own factory imports... You just need some basic programming knowledge on how to create registry files and write xml code really. I have templates on my site in the article and a rundown but do not offer support on it.
  3. ThatAdamGuy

    ThatAdamGuy NI Product Owner

    I've done stuff via regedit in the past. But I have to admit, I'm unsure of the advantage of the geeky route in this context when just dumping the NKS files into a sounds.com subdirectory seemed to do the trick! Well, I don't have a nice Spitfire icon, sadly, but I assume that's fairly easily remedyable.
  4. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee Well-Known Member

    Yeah if you don’t see a benefit prob means it’s of no use to you, is a benefit to those that know it’s a benefit I guess, prob need to be a geek to understand tho. :)

    It's a benefit (for me at least) to have libraries installed to dedicated developer locations like I have pictured above so when I add some new content I just select the developer I need to update and do a library scan on that. Otherwise every time I add some new files I have to rescan 500,000 files which gets a bit tedious. Having it in separate locations just makes management and updates far easier.
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  5. sandrodc

    sandrodc New Member

    Thanks for sharing this Jester, it's so helpful!! For reasons too long to explain I prefer the more complicated method, so I gave it a go.

    I managed to create the .plist and .xml files (I'm on a Mac running Catalina) but couldn't figure out how to get Komplete Kontrol to acknowledge the info in the .plist file. Do you know if I should place it somewhere specific or run a command?

    Thanks in advance!!
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  6. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee Well-Known Member

    I personally don't use KK with mac beyond simple testing so have never done it myself but from what info I have gathered for mac:
    This is basically the same as a registry key for Windows, it sets where the VST plugin is located and where the NKS files are located


    <plist version="1.0">
        <string>*VST Install Dir (where plugin is located)*</string>
        <string>*Path to NKS Preset Folder (where your NKS library presets are for this instrument)*</string>
    PLIST NAME = Basically the name of the library collection you are adding, you can make this anything you like as it is just the name of the key but you need to match this in the XML. Example: com.native-instruments.FreelanceSoundlabs_Spectrasonics.plist

    This example will create a location for ALL Spectrasonic NKS libraries but you could create a separate path for every plugin if you wanted (just name it Spectrasonics-Omnisphere for instance), I find that overkill and cluttered so I simply create a location for each developer as such.

    INSTALLDIR = This is the root path where the VST plugins will be found but this does not even seem to be required as the plugins are matched by KK/Maschine when you loaad a NKS file based on the PID if a plugin is already scanned. I leave this omitted.

    CONTENTDIR = This is the path on your drive where you will place the NKS folders. Any sub folders within will be read so just the root where you want to place files

    To start with, a single custom folder can be created. When it works you can modify the files to make a dedicated path for each developer so updating things is easier and faster when needed.

    XML File
    This file reads the info from the .plist file for where the VST is found and where the library is found and sets an entry for Komplete Kontrol / Maschine in the library:

    [System HD]/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Service Center/*AnyDescriptiveFilename*.xml

    For instance, I will label the XML file "Freelance_Spectrasonics.xml"

    You will see many other files to figure out how it works as I did but the format is as follows:

        <Product version="1">
            <PluginID fx="false">0x00000000</PluginID>
                <Name>Freelance Spectrasonics</Name>
                    <Application minVersion="1.5" nativeContent="false">KKontrol</Application>
                    <Application minVersion="2.4" nativeContent="false">Maschine</Application>
    So officially you have a dedicated plist and xml file for every individual plugin but I personally prefer to just have a location for each developer and then place all NKS libraries for that dev in that folder. In the above XML the only 3 fields you care about would be:

    NAME = This actually does not matter as this would be the name of the plugin, just put your name or something there.
    REGKEY = This is important and must be the name of the plist file you created (the whole file name)
    FACTORYLIBRARYNAME = This is the name that will appear in the Preferences > library tab of KK/Maschine

    All other fields can remain untouched


    That's basically what I know, on Windows it is exactly the same only using a registry key instead of the plist file and basically what the above does is sets a path for the library like you see in the library tab. Any NKS files detected in a library path are read into the software just as they are in the User library.

    It's not hard to figure out if you look at existing files and work backwards. If it doesn't work for you i'm not really able/willing to assist further, would suggest the same as I did, just hours of trial and error until it works

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  7. sandrodc

    sandrodc New Member

    This is great and very detailed Jester. I’m away from my setup now but will try this evening when I’m back and revert with results. Many thanks!
  8. sandrodc

    sandrodc New Member

    Aaand... it took what felt like forever but eventually I made it work.

    It was just as you said JesterMgee, hours and hours of trial and error and comparing other plugins until I figured out the right way. Thanks again for your detailed instructions, I wouldn't have made it without them!!

    Since it took so much fiddling and other (slightly deranged) users might be interested in doing the same, I thought of uploading the necessary files here:

    Installing couldn't be easier: Unzip the main archive in the link, then unzip the nested files to the locations in each one's name; launch Komplete Kontrol, rescan your Library and (hopefully) voilá!

    Please note, the files only work on Mac and were tested using macOS Catalina.

    Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 13.55.16.png Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 13.55.38.png
  9. Pianistofthemoon

    Pianistofthemoon New Member

    this metod work for komplete kontrol view the shared folder but not i see the shared folder in machine 2 insert in sound.com/shared folder

    Any idea? thanks
  10. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee Well-Known Member

    Not understanding what you are saying. Screenshots may help.
    If you are saying there is no "Sounds.com" folder, are you sure? I see it in Maschine same as Komplete Kontrol:

    If I place files in there and scan that folder, they appear in the factory library.

    Technically, you can use any of those folder locations listed, sounds.com is just clean and simple. Personally I create my own entry using the registry method
  11. Pianistofthemoon

    Pianistofthemoon New Member


    yes this... but in komplete kontrol show but in maschine 2 not show and custom library non show in factory library...

    this my problem
  12. Pianistofthemoon

    Pianistofthemoon New Member

    the problem folder sound.com not show in library in machine

    but in komplete kontrol show

    is a mistery :(
  13. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee Well-Known Member

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