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How to prepare music for use in Traktor

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by pixeltrance, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Droidaug

    Droidaug New Member

    You say this is not a tutorial, but I definitely think it might be a great tutorial and a great source of information. I definitely find it very useful!

    Thanks Pixeltrance!
  2. pixeltrance

    pixeltrance Forum Member

    Wow. Still getting replies to a thread I started almost 7 years ago :)

    A lot of the info in the original post is out of date today but I am happy to hear that you found it useful.
  3. mezanine

    mezanine New Member

    I sure need a lot of reading before I get the hang of it. This thread is really helpful.
  4. tomixtrack

    tomixtrack New Member

    Thanks for the post! Its very helpful!

    Does any one know how to reduce the noises of the speakers when the sound is completly off on the source?

    When was playing on the PC (soundcard) the problem was easily solved with the adjust of the latency on traktor, to a little higher.

    But now, with the sound card of the controler (mixtrack - ASIO4all) it has two latency adjusts...the standart value is 512.

    You can go from around 60 to 2000....but the noise still continues...
  5. emilystanfford

    emilystanfford New Member

    On the left side of the screen, you'll see an "A" deck, and on the right a "B" deck. These are the virtual turntables. Once songs are in your Traktor playlist, you will be able to drag and drop songs into these decks. Your playlist is the long section below the decks, and is divided into sections like "Title," "Artist" and "Time." Bring music files into this playlist by dragging them from a folder that stores your music directly into Traktor's playlist section. Make sure that whatever folder you're using to drag files from doesn't get deleted, because that will cause the files in your Traktor playlist to become unplayable. The source of your music files must remain on your computer if you intend to use them in Traktor.
  6. mindarelus1

    mindarelus1 Forum Member

    30 seconds to set everything to a song? what if you have 20000 songs? it's 600 000 seconds, 10 000 minutes, 180 minutes are three hours..

    I think NI should think more about how to work without this "preparation" and stuff...
  7. Malkm X

    Malkm X New Member

    Just "Prepare" the songs live. 30 seconds out of a 3min (Minimum these days) song is not much work for a lazy DJ (Me!)
    Just mix live. Use the program like a set of turntables and mixer.

    It would be nice to have a "be all and end all" program that anylizes beats then mixes it in perfectly to whatever song you want next, but there are just too many variables. One song might only have a 16beat intro or outro (this is where loops come in handy ;)) I mix a lot of old skool funk, RnB & Hip Hop. Some of that stuff has change ups in beats, or a REAL LIFE drummer who might change the beat enough that NO program can beatmatch it.
    If theres anyway anyone can come up with a way to automate this sort of behaviour, then they would mega rich & Megastar Club DJs would be a thing of the past.

    I'm sure NI would welcome any suggestions as to "How to..[/QUOTE]think more about how to work without this "preparation" and stuff...[/QUOTE] rather than flat criticism.
    If you've got any real ideas, please... tell us all. We'd all like to know.

  8. wroey

    wroey New Member

    Excellent post mate, cheers
  9. Kris Klassiks

    Kris Klassiks Forum Member

    Might just have the answer


    Anyone using vinyl rips or about to start recording their vinyl for use in traktor might want to check out 'beatlokker' in the above thread,
    All my music comes from vinyl & i was tearing my hair out trying to get grids to line up with no success,but this really helped so check it out.
  10. enorme

    enorme New Member

    Hey all, new user here. Just picked up Traktor 2 with the Kontrol S2 and I'm loving it so far!
    I'm in the process of setting up my tunes on my PC laptop but will be switching to a Macbook Pro in a month or two. Will I have to do it all over again or are the Traktor files transferable over the different OS? I only really want to do it once.
    Sorry if this has been asked before. :D
  11. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    This sticky should answer all your questions.

  12. enorme

    enorme New Member

  13. endlessvoid

    endlessvoid New Member

    Hey what's up all. Just got Traktor Pro 2 few weeks ago with the fantastic S4... forgive me if I am asking anything redundant here as I have only skimmed over the previous 16 pages. I am very much into the deep dark atmospheric techno stuff that the likes of Speedy J, Drumcell etc. play; was wondering if anybody else here is into that stuff. I notice Speedy J has loop points all over random places in his tracks while playing live. Do most Traktor djs who play techno just throw loops anywhere on a track regardless of the beginning of a measure? I come from a vinyl dj background so I am very much trained to look at a track in terms of phrasing. I love the feel of playing with loops yet, hearing the same loops over and over gets boring... I'm just looking for some kind of structure to approach my music with. Using 4 decks is a totally different paradigm then just letting one track bleed into the next. So... for layering and looping tracks with this context in mind, anyone got any advice or a link to point me to?
  14. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    You'll get a slapped hand from the MODS for hijacking another thread on here mate so You need to start your own thread if your asking a question .... oh and welcome to the forum by the way... lol...
    Traktor is anything you want it to be ... people have many different styles and you just need to find your own and perfect it.... experimentation is the best part of using Traktor and the S4 ... enjoy..!
  15. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

  16. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    he he... told ya..!
  17. galex31785

    galex31785 Forum Member

    Hi to all, i've some problem with music preparation. I usually do this steps everytime:
    - import new music on my studio pc
    - EDIT the id3tag with MP3TAG software (add the "release date" with the data tag in mp3 file)
    - import the tagged file in Traktor library (on studio pc)
    - insert beatgrid on file and cui point
    - lock the track tempo
    - copy the file from Traktor Library folder to USB Stick
    - copy the file from USB Stick to Traktor Library on my Notebook
    - Import the new music on Traktor (on notebook)
    When i import music on notebook i lose (everytime) the data release that i insert on my studio pc... There's some way to save this tag on export file from the pc to the notebook?
    Thanks to all!
  18. theguvna

    theguvna New Member

    hi there, i hope one of you can help me out a little. i'm using traktor on my pc. when connected to my pioneer ddj t1, all is gloomy, however, when using it through the pc only, the sound is terrible - can it be an issue with the soundcard?

    2nd problem: recording.

    it's all set up as it should be (preferences, internal, mapped to folder, etc). if i record, it does save a file, however, when i try to play the actual recorded file through any player, it doesn't work. any suggestions?
  19. DjWickedBeats

    DjWickedBeats New Member

    Corrupted songs in iTunes.

    I have corrupted songs in iTunes, when Djing in Traktor Pro 2, the songs come out really fast that are not playable. What can I do to fix this problem. HELP ME PLEASE
  20. photojojo

    photojojo Forum Member

    I realize this is old, but in case someone else has the same problem check that your sample rates match between the computer and Traktor.