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How to prepare music for use in Traktor

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by pixeltrance, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. mikelo303

    mikelo303 NI Product Owner

    So... are you going to make something like Recordbox soft for PC?MAC and APP or you are planning to hide head in sand forever.

    It is astonishing how this is ignored by SOFTWARE company. Traktor is useless for this on the go.

    Any plans or just ignore? :eek:
  2. KirkKenneth

    KirkKenneth Forum Member

    Wow. This is a very helpful post. Thank you for this!
  3. sixftstereo

    sixftstereo New Member

    I play a lot of music from different genres and times and as such find the beatgrid in Traktor fairly redundant for most tracks of mine, but I do want to do more looping, sampling and making stuff on the fly using Maschine alongside Traktor, so I am guessing I will have to use Ableton to warp the tracks into a constant tempo and then beatgrid them.

    Anyone got any thoughts on this?
  4. traktor pro

    traktor pro New Member


    Why i cant use the same traktor 2 in two computers?
    What can i do?
  5. karieortiz

    karieortiz New Member

    Thanks for the excellent post. For some reason, my BPMs don't show up in iTunes, even after I analyze, though.
  6. TO-MTL

    TO-MTL New Member

    Need help posting in here

    Hey I'm new so my apologies for not knowing the basics.

    All I want to do is post a question about my new updated Traktor 2.6.1 which now doesn't see my maschine controller.

    Where do you go to post a question?
    I can't find anywhere except to reply to another question on here.

    How do you start a new topic?

    Any help would be amazing at this point.

  7. Ricky Woofer

    Ricky Woofer Account Suspended

    First select a area, Traktor, Komplete or Maschine.
    Than browse down and you see "new thread" in bleu on the left above where all the topics start.
    Youre soundcard from pc will be wack probally.
    2nd are you using players that support .wav? Its .wav what you record not mp3 but like windows mediaplayer suppose to play it so if that also doesnt thats weird and i dont know whats wrong.
  8. garethclark

    garethclark Forum Member

    Hello - wondering how you do this in TSP 2.6.6? What I want to do is sync BPM and Key info back into iTunes but there's now no option to right click on a file in Traktor and write the file tag, or to do anything in the edit menu.

  9. Digital Sequence

    Digital Sequence Forum Member

    Im in use of traktor Dj for iphone at the moment, but as a begginer, heres what i have found helpful...
    1. Find some Audio that isnt A song (tv shows, you, nature, anything)... Load it in a deck
    2. find a song with only instruments ( no voices) and load it... Mix the 2 into an intro
    3. Pick a pace (for me the 3rd song is when it comes alive)
    4. Stay within 20bmp difference between the next few tracks, add some cue points, and have fun
    5. change tempo dramatically (70bpm to 128 for example)
    6. change moods frequently and other than that do as you please, if it sounds good to you, its good to others, dont limit yourself but give yourself guidelines
    7 (optional): listen to others mixes and see how they change moods and mix, and try some new techniques
  10. danoEF

    danoEF New Member

    Using Ableton for squeezing a vintage track into a beat grid is the best away I know so far. I do that too quite often.
  11. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod

    this is how i do it, too.

    that **** cray! :D:rolleyes::cool:
  12. [chris b]

    [chris b] NI Product Owner

    It's not so much the warping but the pitching up and adding a house drum loop and a DJ friendly 2 minute intro so that it fits in with a very narrow scope of music that's the lazy part in my opinion.
  13. danoEF

    danoEF New Member

    I agree. If warping is done sloppy, the groove of a track can be affected. But it can be done properly by setting the warp markers accordingly: if you warp entire phrases or at least 4 bar segments, the swing and feel of the track will remain the same.
  14. danoEF

    danoEF New Member

    This may be right with automatic warping. But if you warp manually, you can set a warp marker on the first beat of a bar and the next warp marker on the 1st beat of the fifth bar. So the swing within these markers will not be affected but the 4-bar-sequence will be tempo adjusted.
  15. [chris b]

    [chris b] NI Product Owner

    No it won't. The snare will still be late relative to the same beat. Warping doesn't magically tighten up the arrangement of the individual parts.
  16. [chris b]

    [chris b] NI Product Owner

    So no riding the pitch in the mix to compensate for drift then?
  17. [chris b]

    [chris b] NI Product Owner

    In dance music the kick is the reference point and warping the mixable sections of tracks is really no different to riding the pitch. Your'e effectively manually quantizing by riding the pitch. The only real difference being any digital artefacts introduced by warping, which really isn't relevant to the discussion.
  18. mastermc

    mastermc NI Product Owner

    i think new simpler ways to import tracks and etc... can be a done if n.i. would redesign a proper browser .
  19. Alvina Jennifer

    Alvina Jennifer New Member

    When I receive new music the first thing I do is to pop the CD into my computer and give it a listen in iTunes (www.apple.com/itunes). iTunes have several advantages such as automatically inserting album, artist and track names by using CDDB if you have an active Internet connection and the CD is listed in CDDB (saves a lot of time), ease of use, Traktor integration allowing you for instance to create playlists in iTunes and then simply importing these playlists into Traktor.
    One of my favorite features of iTunes is that it automatically keeps my music folder organized. Another good feature is that you can set iTunes to copy files to to your iTunes music folder when you add them to your music library. By using both these features I know exactly where on the computer all my music is at all times (the iTunes music folder) and if I need to I can manually find a track very quickly. However since I use iTunes to manage all my music there is never any need to manually manage my tracks.
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