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How to remap My Roland VH-12 Hi Hats In SD ??

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by yzf125, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. yzf125

    yzf125 NI Product Owner

    Hey guys ,Can someone please tell me how to remap my Roland VH-12 Hi Hats in Studio Drummer from the point of tight closed all the way to full open ??? The way it is on the setting for my drum module TD-12 /TD-20 it is terrible at best and unplayable :(

    there Has to be a way I can remap it manually and save it,
  2. David Wise

    David Wise NI Product Owner

    In Studio Drummer

    HIHAT is controlled either by CC #1 or CC #4

    Play Note A#1 (34) Open HiHat
    CC #4 Val 00 = Fully Open
    CC #4 Val 127 = Closed

    There is no parameter in Studio Drummer to change or remap this.
    If you really feet compelled to change this in Studio Drummer
    You'd have to edit the Voice Control Script
    Search for {HIHAT CONTROLLER}
    and change the constant variable e.g:
    declare const $HIHAT_2ND_CC:=4

    Which Drum Kit are you using the VH-12 with?
    Can the HiHat controller settings be set here?

    If you're using a DAW such as Cubase
    The midi assignments can be changed and remapped in realtime.

    As it stands - Studio Drummer works with the Yamaha DTX setup.
  3. Barnz

    Barnz New Member

    Hi Dave,

    Are you saying here that a Yamaha DTX module will send the necessary midi CC info to control multiple samples in Studio Drummer and therefore resolve the issue mentioned by the previous member? Or should I plumb for an alternative drum software product?