How to resolve issues with hardware not being recognized by software

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    Never update with the hardware attached.

    To resolve:
    -Unplug your hardware.
    -Download the latest Maschine update but do not let service center install it. Instead, locate the update on your hard drive and run the installer manually. The latest update can be downloaded from your support account at:
    -In the installer dialog, make sure to tick the option to install the driver for your hardware.
    -After the install completes, restart your computer.
    -Once the OS boots up, plug the hardware back in. This will often fix the issue.

    Maschine can be particular about USB cables and ports. Make sure you are not plugging Maschine into a USB hub. Use a direct port and make sure you use the USB cable that came with the hardware.

    For OSX 10.10.5 and later, there is a compatibility issue with Maschine and Avid core audio drivers. The Avid core audio drivers must be removed.
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