How to Restore Factory/Default Settings?

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    So I had a gig yesterday. Complete disaster.

    The DJ before me showed up and couldn't get his Traktor settings configured correctly - it just wasn't working. He also forgot his timecode CDs. I gave him mine, but he was still unable to get his junk sorted out. He tried using a VCI-400 after that - still couldn't get it to work.

    He only had about 20 minutes left in his slot (I'd been playing some tracks on my set up, in the meantime) and I said "Hey, just stick your thumbdrive in my computer and use my set up." He'd never played on 1200s before, and was trying to use the Kontrol X1 for cueing and who knows what else, maybe run in internal mode...I don't know. I'm not an expert on Traktor settings - I set mine up for me to work and never have had to change them.

    Anyway, I get back to my setup after he plays his few tracks and my Traktor is all jacked up. Won't exit relative mode. The pitch changes, but the BPM readout doesn't change. I don't know what he did to my Traktor, but I can't figure it out.

    Does anyone have any ideas what was done? Does anyone know how to to a clean, factor settings reset so that I can just reconfigure the way I want it to be?

    I just can't believe how this guy showed up completely unprepared: Traktor not set up, without his control CDs, didn't even have his tracks loaded into his library. And he was playing on his own set up, too...which makes it even more ridiculous. Oh well.

    Hope yall can help - thanks.
  2. procrastinator

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    Very unprofessional this guy ...

    To reset your settings just delete (backup first) your "Traktor Settings.tsi" file, wich is in your User Folder /Documents/Native Intruments/Traktor (version)
  3. benmills

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    Thanks for the quick reply - will give that a go when I get home.
  4. DJ Freshfluke

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    wow. that's impressive! :-S

    anyways, you can also just start the setup wizard again and this will also reset all your settings.