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How to save loops manually instead of automatically?

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by kimhill, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. kimhill

    kimhill NI Product Owner

    Traktor saves loops automatically - you check the "Save created loops and sample automatically" - in prefs, in the "File Management" section. After the loop has been played 3x, it gets saved.

    The problem is, often I don't want to save loops. They might be just one-offs, or experiments. Pretty soon, the "Samples" directory fills up with big WAV files that I don't want or need, and it's hard to tell which loops to keep & which to throw out — without a painful back & forth between Traktor and the file system.

    I do want to save loops, but I want to do it manually. What's the best way to do this?

    (I posted originally in the "Technical Issues" sub-forum, but there's less traffic there, and this is a general-interest issue…)
  2. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Check out this for a couple suggestions that work for me when using the remix decks and loop Recorder....


    I keep my sample folder easy to access and never have my saved remix sets using the samples in it.

    Before a sample is played(saved) from the loop recorder you need to rename it in the remix deck. It will then be saved as that name and not the generic "loop recorder datexxxxxxx?" name. Much easier to sort in the folder and see in the deck.
    If you play before renaming you will not write the name to the file. It will only display the name in the deck. Weird but true.

    After using this process.
    1. record or use deck loop.
    2. drag to slot
    3. rename
    4. play 3x to save (auto enabled)
    5. do same steps until remix set work is done
    6. Rename whole set
    7. save set or save and overwrite (if work in progress)
    8. check the set in browser tree and make sure samples saved are correct(when in remix sets in main browser window click the name i the tree it will show all samples)
    9. export set I use an ext hd for this
    10. Clear remix deck... by switching to track or live deck and back to remix deck. You will notice switching back the set flickers and clears. I am not sure why but the info is held until the switch back? And is holding the samples as active. Step 11 works best if the deck is cleared.
    11. delete the saved remix set (after export!) and select delete unused samples from harddrive also. This will clear the sample folder of the files.
    12. import the trak file this will put all samples in the content import folder with the remix set and not using them from the sample folder.

    Sounds like a lot of work. But just try these exact steps and you will have working (named) samples and a sample folder not cluttered or if you choose to keep any samples at least named instead of "loop recorderdatetimexxx".

    Hope this helps... Anyone with ? I will be happy to explain this more.
  3. kimhill

    kimhill NI Product Owner

    Thanks, zephry! That's amazing & super useful. I will need to spend a bit of time looking at it now & I'll have more reaction later I'm sure…