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How to setup Guitar Rig 4 in FL Studio?

Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by jareipaja, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. jareipaja

    jareipaja New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I'm using FL Studio to make backtracks.

    I input midi file into FL Studio and then use VST instruments to enhance the sound.
    In my studio I use many Virtual Instruments Software like (Ez Drummer, Dimension Pro, Cakewalk Studio Instruments. I only add them as a "effects" on the specified track and everything works prefect.

    However, I have some trouble setting up Guitar Rig to enhance midi with real guitar sound. As with all Virtual Instruments Software, I installed Guitar Rig, copied .dll file into ../Fl Studio/VST folder. Guitar Rig opens as well as other vst plugins but there is no input signal and therefore no output.

    I tried coupled of things and got it somehow to work. If I put Fruity LSD which is a plugin that plays MIDI on the same track where Guitar Rig is, Guitar Rig gets input signal. The problem is that then I hear MIDI Sound plus the sound enhanced with Guitar Rig. If I turn off Fruity LSD, Guitar Rig automatically looses input signal.

    Other VST plugins work on their own, meaning there is no need for another plugin to "translate" midi for Guitar Rig.

    My question is: How can we set up Guitar Rig 4 as a VST instrument plugin in FL Studio?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

    Welcome =)

    Guitar Rig's an effect- not an instrument.

  3. jareipaja

    jareipaja New Member

    So is there a way to somehow make guitar sound (processed by Guitar Rig) from MIDI in FL Studio or in any other sequence software?
  4. Hont

    Hont NI Product Owner

    No, you have the wrong idea about what Guitar Rig is. It is not a sound creation device (for that you want something like Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist), it is an amp and effects simulator.

    You could, I suppose, use guitar samples through GR if you are not a guitar player, but it won't work with Midi.
  5. jareipaja

    jareipaja New Member

    Thanks for help!
  6. dacoda

    dacoda New Member

    I have Guitar Rig 4 Pro after I installed it all i can hear is the noisy output sound like hum even if i haven't plug my guitar at the LINE IN jack of my computer. When I plugged my guitar in, still i get the same output noise and i can't hear my guitar. I'm using a headphone as my output (plugged in the green audio jack of my computer).
    Please help. I am new to this.
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