How to sound UNIQUE Native Instruments MASCHINE STOCK PLUGINS

Discussion in 'Music made with Maschine' started by YOung Fizz, Jul 22, 2019.

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    Welcome back to another Native Instruments Maschine Stock plugins tutorial. In this video i demonstrate how to sound unique and really stand out apart from the competition. With music gear being affordable and more accessible many of us are using the same plugins and gear. We often overlook what is inside the box and those who take time to learn the basic and use the basics tends to get a great sound. Here is a track that i was working on when i felt like someone else might be using the same guitar chops so i wanted to sound unique and create a vibe. I took the knowledge that i had and created something sounding unique. Most of these are stock sounds. I also show a new plugin that i haven't seen anyone on the youtube platform use yet. This secret plugin is called Reflex. Thats right it is native instruments very own Reflex stock plugin. I want to thank you guys for the love and the support that you have shown me on my other videos and i hope that you continue to interact with my youtube channel. Please like comment share and subscribe if you haven't already so that you will not miss a video when it drops.