How to toggle MK3 to use knobs 1-8 for pan/

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by StarSMASH, Aug 25, 2019.

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    hey guys, haven't been here in a while and hope everyone is doing well.

    i'm trying to use MK3 as a midi controller to automate pan in logic. i press shift+midi and all that shows up is the mcu transport control. the "v-pot's" don't show up so i can automate the pan. i've always somehow got to it by having an option on my mk3 to toggle between mackie control and midi controller (i think) by pressing the left and right arrows after pressing shift + midi. excuse if my terminology isn't right, but i just want to use it for automation and all i'm getting is a transport control. i've already set it up in the controller editor and everything but just somehow always got there with smashing buttons and i'm not so lucky this time around.

    edit and of course, as soon as i make the thread, i find out how to do it.

    I just had to open controller editor and go from mcu transport to "Mackie Control" which is what i wanted. For some reason, i had to open controller editor to get there this time when i normally don't have to and it used to give me the option to switch when i pressed shift + midi.