How's the FM7 Manual?

Discussion in 'FM8' started by gmstudio, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. gmstudio

    gmstudio NI Product Owner

    I'm considering a purchase of the FM7, but I want to know how the manual it just an overview of the features, or are there actually tips and whatnot on how to program this beast?

  2. insaneses

    insaneses New Member

    It will show you modulation basics, FM Synthesis basics, how to construct an algorithm.. etc.

    It's no tutorial, but it does teach you the basics. Maybe someone else can give more insight.
  3. chrysanthemum

    chrysanthemum NI Product Owner

    It's written by Craig Anderton. It's 40 pages of how to install it, then 30 pages that list half the features briefly. Then 5 pages about how to program an FM synth, doesn't really get into it much. Then 25 more pages that list the other half of the features briefly. Then it is all repeated 4 times in different languages. The end. Not much better or worse than the DX7 manual or any other synth manual - tutorials are pretty rare I think nowadays.
  4. Baseman1

    Baseman1 Forum Member

    Must be one heck of a thick book...
  5. NoisetonepauseSuxAss

    NoisetonepauseSuxAss Forum Member

    Due to non-linear and thus unpredictable nature of FM synthesis no matter how well the manual is written it won't be much help. FM programming is all about experience. THe more you mess with it, the more you learn. Luckily FM7 features some functions of linear subtractive synthesis (filters etc. Actually just filters... But very good filters) So it won't be as pain in the ass to get used to as say the original DX7. But don't expect it to be easy.

    THere is of course a lot of information available on the web. Starting with pages dedicated to the original DX7 (DX7 resources, dave Benson's DX7 site etc) and ending with some very detailed articles explaining the science behind FM synthesis. THousands and thousands of patches too.

    Best way to learn is to dive into the presets and see how they're made. Change values and see what happens. No manual can help you there. Only real experience with FM programming.

    Not sure if this helps but here you go.


    .. and no matter how experienced you will become FM programming will always remain a mystery. :)
  6. Baseman1

    Baseman1 Forum Member


    Yup! I fully agree it's the one and only way of mastering it...
  7. Summa

    Summa Sounddesigner

    I'd rather start from scratch, since most FM presets are pretty erratic since when it comes to FM only a few ppl. exactly know what they're doing. Maybe that's why most of the ppl. think FM is hard to master, since looking at some of the presets of can drive you mad... ;)
  8. Agent Orange

    Agent Orange Forum Member

    Well, here's a middle ground. Do both. Mess with presets and start from scratch if you want to apply/recreate anything that you've learned from presets (if anything at all) Starting from scratch is always a good idea. With any synth really.

    Most folks that I know are into FM because of it's unpredictability. Getting a funny noise or unusual response from the sound just by changing what appears to be a linear parameter is what keeps them coming back for more.
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