I am at this point beyond confused with Electri6ity

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    As a bit of background, I'm a relative new composer trying to use Electri6ity in the digital audio workstation REAPER. As I neither own nor am capable of playing a keyboard myself, I use REAPER's piano roll to compose my pieces. I've already had questions about Electri6ity's CC's and keyswitches in another thread (https://www.native-instruments.com/...keyswitches-for-electri6ity-in-reaper.455925/) which also shows exactly what I'm trying to do. However, further experimentation with Electri6ity is just leading to frustration and confusion with absolutely nothing I've found being able to help.

    1. The range of sounds from Electri6ity. Unless I'm much mistaken, it can't go below E2 or above D6 naturally without fiddling with the "Tune" dial, something that affects all notes I've placed. Yes, I can work around this to a degree, but from what I can tell, this effectively means I can't have E2 and E6 on the same track. For a $400 product, it is absolutely baffling that free VST's would have more range than this. Am I just missing something here?

    2. I cannot, for the life of me, understand these keyswitches. Some seem to work; I can get tremolo turned on and off as I want, for example. But most just silence whatever notes are being played; again, this is detailed in the thread I mentioned above. Furthermore, I've found that sometimes just clicking on a keyswitch note on the piano roll will just kind of permanently turn it on. For example, while trying to figure out the note range conundrum above, I accidentally hit D#6. From that point on, every note sounded from the track is a harmonic, with no apparent way to stop it. How am I supposed to control something like this?

    3. About half of Electri6ity's selection of guitars don't seem to do anything. No or hardly any sound.

    4. Finally, Electri6ity will occasionally just seem to glitch out on me a bit for no apparent reason. Usually this takes the form of it suddenly struggling with repeated 16th (or smaller) notes, with about a quarter of them just not being played when it was fine just before. I have no idea what could be causing that.

    Is there some proper instruction out there somewhere, especially for someone not using a keyboard with this program? Maybe some mistake with the installation? Because at the moment it feels like I shelled out $400 for something half-functional, if that.
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