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i dont get why they prefer anything over digital ?

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by migsk8, May 23, 2012.

  1. migsk8

    migsk8 Forum Member

    i seriously do not understand why people still use/prefer cdj's or anything else besides vinyl or controllers. i see the advantages in vinyl with scratching and controllers with more accurate beat matching, looping, song pattern recognition and all that stuff. i dont know if im being ignorant, naive or what i just do not understand. i run into thigs like this on the internet and it baffles me.


    ^^^^ i haven't been playing that long and he's been playing since he was 3 or something like that but i seriously feel like i could easily re create that with my laptop and s2 controller. i believe people dont really care how the music comes out or how its created as long as they can dance to it, why would they care ?

    now here is porter as we most know, he rocks the s4 everywhere he goes, melting faces along the way

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uhFkPA6be0"]What's in Your DJ Bag? - Porter Robinson - YouTube[/ame]

    am i missing something ? someone educate me. i know its personal preference and all but we cant deny advancement in technology whether we like it or not.
  2. willisnz

    willisnz NI Product Owner

    I don't understand what you are asking.

    Are you saying you think vinyl & controllers are the only sensible choices?

    That CDJ's or anything else are not a sensible choice?
  3. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    Price wise its crazy to spend £7000 on all those CDJ's and a mixer when a £700 S4 controller can do everything that they can do and more(apart from play a CD ha ha) ... but it is nice to stand behind all that cool expensive kit if you know what your doing ...!
  4. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Controllers and software have only been fairly stable for a couple of years.
    By stable I mean a person can really screw things up. Cdjs have less features and are more of a "works as is" hardware.

    Less to go wrong during a set. And a mixer plus some analog (preset) effects is clean and neat. Still a lot of skill involved.

    I just think for the most part controllers are still a work in progress. And very custom. So clubs and what is seen and performed on is still a lot of cdj setups.
  5. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    Don't get me wrong i love CDJ's and 1210's and i still don't think you can beat the feeling of juggling vinyl but i think the price of the industry standard hardware is pricing the new young up and coming DJ out of the market thats why a lot are turning to controllers to start off and once you start on a controller your never gonna learn on anything else really are you...?... shame really... beat matching by ear is a dying art these days..!... still i'm loving the S4 tho and it's a lot easier to lug about...lol..!
  6. kloseline

    kloseline Forum Member

    Don't want to get too much into the topic as it is endless. But one thing that might not be obvious to everyone could be:

    You can do exactly the same on the S2.
    The guy in the video could probably also do exactly the same on an S2, but he does it on 4 CDJs.
    Could you do exactly the same on 4 CDJs?

    It's a bit like Skateboarding. No matter how good someone skates they all do simple tricks from time to time. But only because you can also do the same simple trick you wouldn't say you're as good as a sponsored Pro, or would you?

  7. migsk8

    migsk8 Forum Member

    "Could you do exactly the same on 4 CDJs?" no i probably couldn't but my point was i dont think the dancing audience would care. as long as they're having a good time and dancing is all that matters right ?

    p.s. a 7k setup vs a 500$ setup lol
  8. kloseline

    kloseline Forum Member

    Yes, but there is the difference. He can do it because he can. You can do it because of Traktor and S2. The audience starts to care once something goes wrong. He might be able to fix things, you might not be able yet to do so.
    I don't want to talk about the equipment. It is just his weapon of choice, but being a good DJ is not about what you use, but how you handle it. And a really good DJ can rock the crowd on anything

    Check this one out:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdg_KUP-GUU&feature=plcp"]45 King Mix on Little Turntables - YouTube[/ame]
  9. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Maybe that guy cant do it on an s2. In fact probably not if he has never used a controller at all. Not saying he couldnt learn.
    And yes there are plenty of skateboarders out there even little kids that can outdo a pro. In fact in most sports and video games. Really anything at all the amatuer aspect of society is doing is what changes everything.

    The analog dj or Pro beatmatcher or turntablist or controllerist has a whole world changing under them. To say that world is unskilled is exactly how anyone no matter what you do will eventually be left behind.

    Unless of course.

    God is a dj!
    Oh cool video btw but no fx and custom samples or skills of that nature. Just a different style a skill set for those things. To really do some things less attention is given to beatmatching and that style of mix.

    For instance a controllerist may map and set up a crapload of effects and samples and still need to be able to know when and where to use the eq as well be squinting at a browser for the next track. It all takes skill. And experience.

    Or I could go to a club and watch someone with no skill use nothing but a crossfader. I knew a dj that used to talk about counting beats. I saw him play once and he mostly just talked with friends in the booth doing almost nothing.

    So it is hard to say where the skill is really at. Or what to use or not. But at least with a controller and software shown on a screen the audience and other djs know and can be amazed at what is happening. Much the same with a person just flipping vinyl around. Very interactive and visual.
  10. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    It all depends on your point of view and perspective.. after all, an Aston Martin is just a car, and anyone with a Ford will say so...

    There were good DJs and and bad DJs when there was just vinyl..
    There are bad DJ who can manually sync and good DJ who cannot..
    There are controllerists with amazing dexterity but with no musical talent, and controllerists with 10 thumbs who sound great.
    There are good Dj who make pennies, and bad DJ that make thousands..

    So it is up to the individual to define what he wants to do, and how... and if I had 2 pioneer CDJ-2000 and a DJM-900Nexus I would simply smile and say 'sure, your S2 is just as good"
  11. SparkyF1

    SparkyF1 NI Product Owner

    Soundwise vinyl everytime.
  12. jimmyv

    jimmyv NI Product Owner

    Forward in to 1:30 on the Porter Robinson video... He is using sync... just sayin'
  13. bi!LY eagle

    bi!LY eagle Forum Member

    No offense, but this [thread] is somewhat of a naive viewpoint. Me personally, I'm all about digital/controllers. But overall (more so in the USA I think), Traktor is still looked down upon by alot of DJ's and ppl in general. Anything w/ sync is looked at as cheating by these ppl. That's why Serato is so mainstream. Anytime I go to a club in the Boston area, it's ALL I see. None of the DJ's are using Traktor. SSL is looked at as more pure, no sync, etc..

    I think that viewpoint is close-minded tho. I don't even use sync, but I don't care that it's there. And any DJ that whines about it is basically showing that they're threatened by it. I don't think they realize how tedious it is to even attempt to use, w/ all the fine-tuning that you have to do w/ your beat-grids. But there's so much more that goes into DJ'ing than being able to have your bpm's locked. Sync doesn't tell you when to drop the beat, how to fade it in, etc.. That's why I bring more to the table w/ my mixing, as far as EFX and just my mixing technique in general.
  14. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Yep exactly. This once again turned into a sync /no sync debate with just a simple comment of of look that person os using it. Nothing at all to do with what a persons music sounds like or skill.

    A person can beat on a bucket with sticks and be more skilled and in time than any dj. Oh and they are not using sync. Wow. I get it. OK you can match a beat. cool.

    Same as the oldschool skater that can shred a pool but cant kickflip.
    Different styles and skills. But still the whole sport is changing. Why so threatened by it. Embrace it learn it. change it. effect it. drop it. pop i click. it. forget about sync in the middle of all this check your waveforms and have some fun.

    Sync. Who cares. Cdjs controllers. tables all pretty much qith no qorries of sync. keylock. Just heavy mixing and music making.

    Plus arent most tracks that skilled beatmatchers put baxk together and mix. made in a studio with some type of sync and quatizing anyway. I dont hear producers saying. "no fair you skilles slug" " you made that track without dragging each beat into place and used quantizing." So Really cheating with sync is kind of a natural an normal part of music making. If anything not using it is overkill.
    Of course not all tracks work and older or live drums still have some troubles in the dj world. But Not in the producer world.

    Rant? not really just pure love for all mixing and much respect to anyone that could kick my ass all over the place with beatmaching. Or any style for that matter.

    Dont hate the cdj or anything else They all have their place.
  15. bi!LY eagle

    bi!LY eagle Forum Member

    +1. It's all about adapting and evolving w/ the times. It's like the 30-somethings that talk about "real hip-hop from the 90's", and how everything new flat-out sucks. It's just narrow-minded.

    I won't even respond to the Serato DJ's that try and knock Traktor DJ's using sync. Once I realized Serato has the waveforms moving side-by-side, showing the beats lined up, I realized how hypocritical of an argument it was. That can be looked at just as much a cheat as Virtual DJ if ppl are gonna call it "cheating". But I digress ;)
  16. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    i dont get it. please everybody use what he/she wants. for me, as i started with vinyl and i'm spinning hiphop - using a DVS with turntables is the most natural thing to do for me.

    i never understood CDJs and i always would refuse to play on them, no matter what. however, i would use a controller instead without feeling bad.

    hell yeah. ^^