I just figured out why Kontakt has been Konsistently taking upwards of 15 minutes to launch . . .

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by alan_b, Dec 14, 2017.

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  1. alan_b

    alan_b NI Product Owner

    . . . and I also figured out that I can easily make these obnoxious Kontakt 'application hang' errors go away...... by forsaking instrument libraries sold by a different major plug-in developer.


    I'd like to discuss this with NI before I reach out to the other company, but I only want to talk directly with someone at NI who will actually:

    (1) explain to me the specific observed Kontakt behavior that is causing these delays,


    (2) reviewing from beginning to end, and then resolving to my satisfaction, an NI support ticket that has been open since November 2, for which I haven't received any meaningful assistance, and over which I'm sick and tired of being ignored.
    Call me maybe? But do it soon — I ran out of patience, like, weeks ago.................................


    Kontakt began KRASHING AND KILLING KUBASE, in mid-September. At first it was only sporadic but, by the end of October it was KONSTANT, making it impossible for me to work on any ongoing project (or take on any new project) that involved even a single instance of Kontakt. After finding no useful information via The Googles, I finally opened the support ticket on Nov. 2.

    NI assigned someone to my support ticket, and I provided him with dozens of crash dump files (generated by Kontakt, Cubase, and Windows' Task Manager), corrupted project files, NI Support Tool reports, demonstrative screenshots, Windows Event Log info, and detailed descriptions of the nature and timing of Kontakt's behavior. He asked, and I provided.

    Other than a single phone conversation on I think Nov. 17, (only two weeks after I opened the ticket!), which accomplished nothing, all that my Kontakt contact did was send me some useless generic suggestions (e.g., update firmware on hardware that I don't have, reset the Kontakt database), requests for more NI Support Tool reports. . . and then . . . nothing.

    Kontakt's problems have morphed and/or worsened, since then (a few Kontakt, Cubase and Win 10 uninstalls/reinstalls/re-uninstalls/re-reinstalls/updates later)...

    ... suddenly, Kontakt started taking roughly 15 minutes to load its GUI for the first time, or switch from the Libraries tab to the Files tab. Or open a folder under the Files tab. Or switch off network drives, 'foreign formats' and the like, to see whether any of that helped. None of it helped. This was both within Cubase and in standalone mode. I couldn't even tell whether the original problems persisted since, to the extent that I could even got Kontakt to work, it operated on geological time.

    So . . . I provided more crash dump files, NI Support Tool reports, demonstrative screenshots, Windows Event Log info, and detailed descriptions of the nature and timing of Kontakt's behavior to the guy who was supposed to be handling my support ticket.

    For all my time and trouble, he doesn't return multiple phone calls, he doesn't respond to multiple e-mails, he hasn't offered an iota analysis of the data files that he requested and I provided, and he hasn't given me a single bit of helpful information since this process began.

    I'm beyond fed up with the way that NI has handled (by ignoring, for almost a month and a half) the problems that have rendered Kontakt first unreliable, then useless, over a period twice that long.

    Now that I've found a different (?) problem that (at least superficially) involves a different major developer's products, maybe now at least someone, somewhere will lift a finger to fix this mess. NI...???
  2. Keir @ NI

    Keir @ NI Community, man NI Team

    Hi - I am sorry to hear about the problem. I am not sure what happened to your ticket, it has been escalated and you can expect to hear from someone soon.

    I have also forward this thread on to Support so they're aware - but as you're already posting in another thread about it, I'll close this and we can use the other.
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