I Love Traktor (Thank you NI)

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    A lot of people like to bash NI but I remember what DJ'ing used to be like. I remember warped records, wobbly tone arms, aching backs, grumpy record store clerks, impossible to find music, jury-rigged sound systems and broken bank accounts.

    Now, thanks to Traktor, we have amazing sound quality, infinite music, flawless beat matching, and thousands of dollars in effects, sampling, looping and processing... all for less than $100.

    As Louis CK says, "our lives are like a Greek myth right now." People like to complain about a company (NI) that, in some cases, literally lets them do their job but isn't a tiny fraction of a percent easier to use.

    Yes there are bugs. Yes there are flaws. But NI owes us nothing and gives us so much.

    Building software and running a company is hard. It isn't NI's job to cater to every whim we have.

    Instead of getting enraged when something doesn't work the way we think it should, how about we celebrate the positives instead? Can you imagine what life would be like without Traktor? Do you think you could do a better job? Go ahead and do it then!

    So here's a big THANK YOU to Native Instruments and the developers of Traktor. You're doing a GREAT JOB. We love you, we know you're working hard on rewriting years of code from scratch, and we'll do everything we can to help you succeed.

    You make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of professional Djs and enthusiastic amateurs. Every single one of you deserves a huge pat on the back.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again!


    PS - Louis CK has a great comedy routine about this (use headphones for a good laugh):

    Louis CK (cell phones and flying):
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    First of, I am not a longtime user of Traktor. I started a little over a year ago with a second hand S4 mk1. I don't mind spending time and effort to learn the ins and outs of Traktor, it is a hobby, and a fun one. So when at the beginning of the year I was in the market for an other controller to replace the mk1, the obvious choice was to look for the S4 mk3. On the other hand I did not feel the need to stick to Native Instruments or Traktor, because I am not using their products for a long time. In the end, after looking into other controllers as well, I bought the S4mk3.
    • Know the mk1 so not much time learning the new controller.
    • Know Traktor Pro 3 so can go on diving deeper into the program instead of having to learn a different program.
    • Had no issues running both the mk1 and Traktor Pro 3 what so ever, even on a older laptop.
    After about a month I bought a Kontrol F1 as well. I have spend really much time in learning to map this F1 and learning the deeper layers of Traktor.
    I managed to get a nice working system for what I want to get out of the S4, F1 and Traktor Pro 3. So when the update to Traktor version 3.1.1 was installed I started to get a lot of issues with Traktor.
    One of the issues got solved only to give me bigger issues in return. A lot of the work I had done was no longer working correctly. When I mentioned this I my post on the tech support forum, this post was removed by NI. Other posts I wrote have been edited by NI. No harsh words or anything like that were used. So instead of solving bigger issues you remove the reference to them from your forum.
    Also, before I write any post on a tech forum I do a good research to solutions to see if I can solve the issue(s) myself.
    It is taking me over a month now to get a working system back. Time I should have spent using the NI products.

    Yes they do, It is their job. Customers pay to get a good working product. And yes, mistakes can be made. But you are a company that makes and sells software. Test your software properly (were can I apply?). And when things go wrong try to solve them instead of removing customer posts. Don't forget most NI products are being bought by enthusiastic amateurs. That is where the money comes from.
    Take all your customers equally serious!
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  3. chilly

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    lol one positive post meets one with criticism.

    Balanced, as all things should be
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  4. MichaelKMusic

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    April Fools was 11 days ago a little late don't ya think lol
  5. Jumeirah Sound System

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    Hi guys,

    Sorry I was offline for a few days. Thanks for all your comments (especially @Tijn79).

    Just to be clear, I don't work for NI nor have anything to do with the company. I'm just a long time DJ and user who recently got engaged with these forums.

    While it's natural that a tech support forum becomes a venue for discussing tech problems, my post was motivated by the tone of the some posts I see here.

    I agree that as a paying customer when you buy something you expect it to work. It's fair people get angry when they buy something and it doesn't.

    I also agree that TP3 seems to have been rushed out without some basic bug testing, and as several more journalistic articles have made clear, the work culture at NI does not seem very customer-oriented.

    The Louis C.K. video points at that we're surrounded by technical miracles liked Traktor, miracles that we barely understand and immediately take for granted. Even worse, we often assume that it's our right and demand ever increasing things from them. Never mind the fact that we're part of a vanishingly small group of people in this world who can afford expensive things like hobbies, laptops and DJ controllers.

    I don't know what NI's usage statistics are but I find it hard to believe the company could last this long if their products didn't work for most people, most of the time. If enough people have problems with it, people would stop buying it and the company would have gone out of business years ago.

    I've been lucky because I've never had a serious issue with any Traktor release, going all the back to when it was Final Scratch Traktor (2003 or so). The issues and inconveniences I have had were sources of education and inspiration, encouraging me to dig deep into my system to find work-arounds and hacks to make it work the way I want. I've become a better DJ and musician as a result.

    I may be the exception in thinking that if things don't work the way I want them, it's my problem to figure out how to make it work. But one thing is clear; my life (and I suspect your life) is better thanks to Traktor and NI. The relative impact of NI going out of business would far outweigh the minor annoyances that drive so many posts on this forum.

    If Traktor doesn't work for you, create your own version. Can't do that? Use another software. Don't want to? You've got two options; rage against the world or celebrate Traktor for what it is good at. The NI team works hard to make a better product, it's already a miracle, and most of what is asked for on this forum can actually be done with a little bit of creativity and elbow grease.

    Our influence on NI is small and the relative importance of our complaints is zero (especially in the grand scheme of things). It works pretty darn well already, it offers the ability to do amazing things, and it's practically a miracle considering the short time it's been around.

    So that's why I love Traktor and thank NI.
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