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I need my BCD3000 to work!

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by psysub, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. psysub

    psysub New Member

    So, there has been many threads concerning similar problems and let me first tell you all, that I have read them all :)

    I just got a brand new bcd3000 and a brand new 2.2 GHz dual core computer. I'm running XP SP2 with Traktor 3.4

    So, I have tried installed the drivers both from the behringer CD and the website. I have the BCD control panel that works on my system tray.

    When I don't have the controller set to advanced the LEDs won't light up, which tells me it isn't working, is this correct?

    Also, when loading traktor and selecting "BCD3000 ASIO" for my soundcard, nothing happens. So, I selected "BCD3000 2-in 2-out" which I assume is for when you have some kind of decks connected? It didn't work either

    Then I got online and downloaded Arno's xlm and tks files. Once I overwrote the xlm files, I got sound to play through the BCD on my speakers, but only when "BCD3000 2-in 2-out" is selected.

    So, tried loading his .tks file, and it didn't work. I assume this is because the file is not configured for advanced mode, which is the only mode my controller appears to give me any sign of life from.

    I've tried uninstalling drivers, reinstalling drivers. Same with traktor and ASIOforall.

    Now, I'm going to try MIDI rules with the traktor 3/BCD 3000 files which apparently are configured for the advanced mode. I have my doubts, but only because I am so discouraged at this point.

    I was hoping it would come down to me needing to manually configure the midi controller to work with traktor. I looked at preferences at Midi setup and I tried selecting options and hitting "learn" and then pressing buttons to assign functions, but nothing happened. The bcd is showing up in my Midi interfaces.

    I am a DJ who has been dying to spin ever since I lost my CD book and switched to digital (which was a great thing) and then I had been waiting forever to afford this behringer... I would really like to get it to work. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

  2. mikesilence

    mikesilence NI Product Owner

    First of all, tweak your system for audio performance:
    - disable energy saving for usb root hubs in device manager
    - set computer to full performance in energy options
    - disable ACPI-conform control method battery in device manager

    With the update for 3.4 there should be a fine working tks already automatically loaded.

    Maybe you should also update to SP3 and try the new beta driver of Behringer for the BCD3000.
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