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If there is a God... may it be you, helping me.

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by Sleepieyed, May 9, 2012.

  1. Sleepieyed

    Sleepieyed New Member

    Greetings NI'ers. My partners and I are having extreme trouble exporting audio from Maschine into Reason 6, in real time. Basically, what we want to do is record each pad as a separate audio track in Reason 6, in real time.

    I've tried routing the ASIO drivers from Maschine to Reason but both programs cannot use them simultaneously.

    I've also tried using the ASIO SERVER, which enables me to use two different ASIO clients but Reason 6 will not detect the ASIO SERVER. Reason 5 detects the ASIO SERVER correctly but does not have any audio recording capabilities. I've running REBIRTH to Reason 5 and 6 but REBIRTH is only available for 32 bit operating systems and I am running 64 bit.

    I am currently downloading a virtual windows xp to run REBIRTH. This will take a lot of time and work trying to install Maschine and Reason back onto that virtual operating system and I'd rather not run virtual machine every time I wanna record. If this fixes the whole situation, I'll deal with it.

    What else would you all suggest? I'm all ears.

    Thanks in advance for your replies and thanks for reading. :)
  2. Mr36

    Mr36 NI Product Owner

    Firstly, is there a reason you want to record in real time? Are you wanting to record a live take, so to speak, because you're going to be playing and tweaking while it records?
    If so, you could try JACK. That's been known to work for your purposes. Or you could put an empty Guitar Rig instance at the end of each signal you want to record and use the built-in tapedeck to record and then import into Reason. Or you could use Reaper and use Maschine as a plug-in, route the audio out to tracks and record that way before importing into Reason.

    These are just a few possibilities. Unfortunately, I don't know much about Reason, so can't help you on that front.

    If you don't actually need to record live though, you can just export the audio as you want it from Maschine and then import into Reason. But I'm assuming this won't do for what you want.
  3. Dopamyte

    Dopamyte New Member

    Can't you just record it all in real time in Maschine using the sampling feature? Make the input Master and then just export the audio you sampled.
  4. halcyon187

    halcyon187 New Member

    Could you run Maschine as a VST in reason and record teh output to a track? They way the asio drivers will only need to deal with reason.
  5. Zac Kyoti

    Zac Kyoti NI Product Owner

    I second JACK. Solid utility.