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iMaschine 3, what do you want?

Discussion in 'iMaschine' started by RajahP, May 6, 2019.

  1. RajahP

    RajahP NI Product Owner

    Ok, was messing with iMaschine 2 today and, no-way would NI abandon such a great app.. So, here are my feature request for iMaschine 3.
    1) The audio engine, as in Maschine would be a great addition.
    2) Midi in, import.... nice.
    3) 8 tracks...
    I can’t think of anything else..
    So what will you like to see in iMaschine 3?
  2. kiwi2k

    kiwi2k New Member

    I wish I could import tracks from the machine at home to continue playing .. and that you can clear itunes loaded sound more easily .. support mp3 sounds .. thats it ;-)
  3. saintjoe

    saintjoe NI Product Owner

    I agree with the previous requests as well, in addition I'd be happy to see things like audio tracks, auv3 support, chop/slice modes, quick pad duplicate/copy, drum and bass synth from Maschine, support for files app (dropbox etc) for sound access and such.

    Even without these things I still dig it for what it is and use it often for getting quick ideas out on the go.
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  4. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Besides what everyone already mentioned I would love a way to trigger patterns from Ideas View, a Jam Mode if you will for iOS, so iMaschine could be a companion to Maschine software.
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  5. saintjoe

    saintjoe NI Product Owner

    That would be dope for sure!
  6. jacqui brookes

    jacqui brookes New Member

    Multi slice waveform, slice to pads...separate window for piano roll edit. Import from Spotify playlists. Thankyou in advance.
  7. zhouseph

    zhouseph New Member

    By far the most overwhelmingly vital addition for me would be bpm to have 2 decimal points not just rounded off to full number. This limitation alone has made sampling on this software borderline impossible.

    Bpm - 000.00 please for the love of god!!!!!!!
  8. BD&B

    BD&B New Member

    Piano Roll
    8 Patterns
    iMaschine/ Maschine connectivity
  9. borrachoruso

    borrachoruso NI Product Owner

    - Effects: all standard effects from Maschine + effects per pad/per group etc
    - AUv3 instruments and effects support with ability to resample, iMaschine as AUv3
    - Piano roll
    - Advanced audio editing/chopping

    For iPad - full Maschine port with Maschine MK3 HW support
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  10. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    Android support would be stellar. :- )
  11. bigbolo73

    bigbolo73 NI Product Owner

    To be better than Intua Beatmaker 3 and Akai Impc Pro2. NUFF SAID!!!
  12. smoovbeats

    smoovbeats NI Product Owner

    Never gonna happen
  13. bigbolo73

    bigbolo73 NI Product Owner

    I know just throwing it out there.
  14. AggresiveWoof

    AggresiveWoof New Member

    1.Separate version for iPad with full porting of all the functionality of the desktop version. Full compatibility with its Native Instruments controllers from Mikro to Studio, and all Native keyboards
    2.So that the iPad can be used instead of a controller with a desktop version
    3.So that you can export the track from the desktop version to iMaschine. And continue your work on the road
    3.VST Support
    Together we will make the world a better place. :rolleyes:
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  15. Hebreww

    Hebreww NI Product Owner

    Please don’t leave the iPhone to far in the back we need the same upgrade for iOS
  16. BigPictureSound

    BigPictureSound NI Product Owner

    Pretty much all that needs to be said. But pay closer attention to BM3 than iMPCPro.

    Also, a gui that doesn’t lag so much between switching tabs and also takes advantage of the extra screen space on an iPad Pro 12.9 in (the keyboard is just too large at the moment, looks like a tonka toy).
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  17. Kyle Sinclair

    Kyle Sinclair New Member

    Id love there to be an option like in BM3 to add different fx to individual pads rather than the entire bank. Unlike others, i personally think its way ahead of iMPCpro, actually downloaded and deleted iMPCPro.

    Id love a piano roll.
    More banks, 8+
    Slice to pads mode for samples
    More editing options for samples
    And unless i havent managed to work out how, being able to quantize.
  18. Knuftobor

    Knuftobor New Member

    • Import kits & instruments made in Maschine. (Especially from full expansion packs I bought)
    • Resample.
    • Record effects automation.
    • Solo for sounds.
    • Sample slice.
    • Time stretch loop.
    • For live performance, move effects controls to the left of pads, channel mute & solo below pads.
    • A separate app that emulates a Maschine Mk3 controller for full version of Maschine.