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iMaschine - Android Equivalent?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by dj_dunno, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Re-BeaT

    Re-BeaT New Member

    When you say Latency ....what latency exactly are you referring to ...?

    ...its an Audio Chip issue to be specific ...kernel communicates with Audio Chip 1st measure of latency ....then the OS executes the command threw the Process Schedular ...second measure of latency..... that's how its done ..

    Windows & Linux suffer from basically the same bug..... the process schedular being overided by a realtime schedular ..overclocking the algorithms that control the voltage of low to high frequnencies....this is partly controlled though by the Audio Chip also ....basically they play tug of war

    Android devices now have 24 bit chips & latency should not be much of a problem anymore from a hardware view & Ubuntu execution latency has been improved ..soo

    iPhone has a better chip & kernel communication latency.....frequency response is more level over all the frequency range's
    All mobile devices suffer from low frequencies ...

    iPhone though is best/highest in mid & high range but not at peak level ...iPhone is more normalized ..its dynamic range decibal value is high .....but as you increase volume to full blast sound clips easy ...because of the mid range compression working too hard to output low frequencies ...too much compression sucks out frequencies ....but can be controlled by an equalizer ...but anyways

    Still it shouldnt stand in the way of an Android Maschine
  2. lowrizzle

    lowrizzle Forum Member

    Actually, I'm a hardware/software engineer for Amazon. I actually understand the finer points of what's being discussed, which is why I chose to simply sigh at you 'talkin loud but not sayin nothin'

    You seem to be a bit confused by latency in Linux and Windows. I'm a mac person myself, but...

    Really now? overclocking the algorythm? I didn't realize you could adjust clock speed on software.

    Anyways, there's a number of ways to get just as low of latency in Windows audio as Apple products have using coreaudio. Pulseaudio in Linux has had as low of latency as core audio on supported hardware for quite a while. In fact, I get sub-double digit latency over tcp/ip between a Linux and Mac using Jack (pulseaudio on the Linux side).

    Dude just shut up. Please. If anything you're just going to confuse people by using words you have no business using.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2012
  3. mezzurias

    mezzurias NI Product Owner

    Sigh. What the hell are you talking about? Do YOU even know?
  4. mizchief

    mizchief New Member

    I would also love an android version, but I've used a couple other beat pad apps and the latency between the touch and the sound is too much for me to play live. Not sure if this is something NI would be able to overcome or not and would make the app pretty much useless in "live" mode, but could still be used in "step" mode.

    What I would really like to have right now is just a mobile app that will let me access my machine library so i can listen to samples at work and mark favorites i can then go back and use when on the controller when i get home.

    While the full library is huge, could potentially selectively drop parts of the library onto your phone, or advanced users could swap out the SD card, and/or compress the clips in lower quality when exporting to the phone.
  5. Re-BeaT

    Re-BeaT New Member

    Finally got the time to come back to this thread & give an update on the latest of Ubuntu

    As I mentioned awile ago ....well Ubuntu Phone OS is finally reality !
    & is currently shocking the whole mobile industry since its debute at CES ..
    ....we still got a bit of wait ...but its coming :) ...along side Ubuntu Android

    Google also released there Nexus 4 ...which I am proud owner of one :p

    So the time has come for iOS & Android to basically be blown away over the power of Ubuntu Phone OS .....Canonical has released the SDK & developers are going crazy creating really cool apps currently in developement ...including myself

    definitely creating an iMachine equivalent app on Ubuntu Phone OS would definitely be the way to go for NI ....well because the Ubuntu Phone SDK is a freakin beast ..:eek: ...plain & simple :cool:

    Visit Ubuntu to check out the awesome unveil of Ubuntu Phone OS ....I think many will agree that its going to be the best Mobile OS

    Yes i know perfectly well my friend ......but i think Ubuntu Phone OS has answered your questions.... I think ;):lol:
  6. flux302

    flux302 NI Product Owner

    I know nothing of the linux phone os. Is it capable of latency that is as low or lower than ios? Here is a small article I wrote (im on my phone sorry if I posted this earlier) that shows the actual real world round trip latency between ios and android 4.2 (nexus 7 with its latest ota update) http://fluxwithit.com/2013/01/05/the-touch-revolution-and-latency/
  7. David Reade-Evans

    David Reade-Evans New Member

    Why is iMaschine iPAD only ?! There are other tablets out there, and in the case of Samsungs offerings, a hell of a lot more advanced, powerful and cheaper then the ipad. Oh and without the bloated crap Apple likes to dump on us!
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  8. mezzurias

    mezzurias NI Product Owner


    Lol. He said bloated crap and then wants a Samsung tablet. The irony. Anyway until Android fixes their issues with latency iOS is where it's at for music apps that require decent roundtrip for feedback. It's not that Android can't do it either. It's that OEMs like Samsung, etc. don't think it's all that important so don't bother putting in the necessary patches/drivers that allow it.
  9. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    add Google to this list...

    For anyone with Android, there is an interesting app called "Audio Evolution".. the author has written his own drivers for a sizeable range of USB class compliant audio devices and it is a decent basic daw.. with a BT mouse & keyboard and screen mirroring its pretty cool. You can record or import your own samples or loops... check it out.
  10. ntula

    ntula NI Product Owner

    that would be nice, as the galaxy tab 4 pro 12 not only has a 12 inch screen, but has stereo speakers and the otg permits easy usb sound cards.. hubs, ,,keyboards.. etc...... it would as well open the door to the mk2, micro or studio running on it....
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2014