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In Sticky Import / Export Mp3 (and Maybe Other Popular Formats)

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by 75er, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. 75er

    75er Forum Member

    Simple... Ability to Import / Export in MP3 format.
    Possibly other popular formats too, like Flac.

    Every cheese freeware out there allows us to import MP3-samples via drag & drop.
    No need to convert into WAV with another programm.

    Since you're allways talking about "lost in the flow", MP3 import is very essential. Imagine people rippin' vocals and speeches from YouTube movies, webradioshows, and so on. It really sucks that we have to open another programm first to convert MP3 to WAV and then import to Maschine. That's completely killing the workflow.

    And now if you're talking about "Vintage Sound" like MPC60 and SP12in Maschine Ver. 1.5, every noobie who allways wants to tell me something about bad soundquality of MP3s, please shut up.
    Just accept that not everybody is producing Minimal Techno, and not everyone wants clean digital sounds. At least older people like myself who still now what it feels like to sample from cassette-tapes and other stuff, don't care about HiFi-samples. We sample everything and what counts is the final song you produce and

    So please Native Instruments add MP3 sample support.
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  2. johnnybvo

    johnnybvo Forum Member

    I just got my maschine, and while I really enjoy it, this seems like a no-brainer to me.
  3. Lancellot

    Lancellot NI Product Owner

    I don`t need it, but I can see how the lack of MP3 import may be a stumbling block in the "flow" for some.
  4. Ali

    Ali NI Product Owner

    Parts of the MP3 en/decoding process are patent-protected by Fraunhofer.
    Therefore license fees have to be paid in order to use it.

    That's probably the reason why they can't be imported directly.
  5. 75er

    75er Forum Member

    There are smaller companies than NI who seemed to be able to buy a licence ;)
    So this point definitly doesn't count!

    For allmost 600.- Euros I still think it's an unfinished product.
    At least they keep on updating this thing, but I miss stuff like MP3 import and timestretch since I first opened the box.
  6. Beatworkx

    Beatworkx NI Product Owner

  7. OffGrid

    OffGrid Forum Member

    Ah man lol.
    I just tried to import an MP3 myself to find it wont work.
    Why did I buy this unit thinking it would give me the best of both worlds?
  8. dikembe

    dikembe New Member

    yeah, MP3 sample support would be helpful, i need it too. I got bunch of samples in mp3 and now i gotta convert it one by one its killin workflow indeed.
  9. donfuan

    donfuan NI Product Owner

    ahhhhno, not again ;)

    don't do it. your (sorry) shi*** mp3 samples will result in shi*** music - and i have to claim again: i don't wanna see any programming resources wasted on that.

    There's so much stuff that is way more important, and just realise pleeeaaassssee:

    wav and aiff are the industry standards. mp3 is not, never was, never will be. thx.
  10. _ceone

    _ceone NI Product Owner

    I expect this since the day one lol

    Sometimes I prefer using Ableton Live's drumrack than maschine just because it can load mp3 FLAC or whatever by a simple drag'n drop.

    By the way whatever the format to load please let us do it via drag'n'drop it would be definitely more usable :)
  11. 75er

    75er Forum Member

    Comments like yours can only come from youngsters who have no clue about what sampling really is and how it was back then.

    Dude, we had to hold microphones in front of a TV or radio-speakers to record samples back then. And we did it with shitty 12bit maschines and cassette-tapedecks. Most of you don't even know what a tape is. What counts is the result, and not if you used hi-fi wav.

    So you are also against new features like MPC-60 and SP1200 sound emulation in Maschine then. Because in your opinion these 12bit babies must have sounded really shitty and bad.

    WAKE UP!
  12. donfuan

    donfuan NI Product Owner

    ehh lol.

    that sounds like a youngster who has no clue, but whatever.

    i'm gonna repeat what i said in a different thread, but still counts:

    sorry, will keep on saying it.

    -> http://www.native-instruments.com/forum/showpost.php?p=632474&postcount=3
  13. 75er

    75er Forum Member

    I'm sure the features you're asking for are nice too, but as long as NI is talking about get lost in the flow, they should definitly work on drag&drop mp3 import. If you don't like it you don't have to use it.

    Some of us like it dirty like back in the days, that's why there are functions like resampling, lo-fi, mpc60 & sp1200 emulation and so on. Of course it's also a matter of your musical background and sometimes age.

    I just accept that different people have different opinions and different workflows and so should you. Like I allready said, you don't have to use MP3 import, but it also doesn't hurt you when it's there for all the other Maschine users ;)
  14. aqirforce2high

    aqirforce2high NI Product Owner

    It would be nice. FLAC support would be amazing although tbh I get by fine batch converting with sound forge.
  15. donfuan

    donfuan NI Product Owner

    now i understand that some might want to have it, but as i asked in the other thread already, are it really so many samples that you can't convert them yourself? especially as mp3 -> wav is extremly fast...
  16. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    Aren't there freeware programs (on the PC at least) that will convert files from the explorer using the right click context menu? Doesn't seem like too much extra work.
  17. trusampler

    trusampler NI Product Owner

    SliceX is King for chopping,and it also imports mp3's, you might want to try it.. till then I can see that mp3's in Maschine would be nice. +1 not sure why there always has to be a hater in a forum,if someones wants the mp3 support just let the request go forward without all the bitchin'
  18. rrolfe

    rrolfe Forum Member

    i would imagine there is not mp3 import for audio quality reasons.
    NI want it to sound a s good as possible. mp3 kind of defeats that.

    why dont you just open the sample in audacity and save the selecttion as wav ?
  19. 75er

    75er Forum Member

    It's all about NI's slogan "Get lost in the flow."

    If we have to use extra software to convert files we are not able to get lost in the flow, because the the flow gets lost.

    Losing audio quality when talking about sampling is kind of normal and with features like MPC-60 and SP1200 emulation, resampling and others it's very wellcome to all users looking for dirty sounds and not that Hi-Fi super digital and polished sound maybe Minimal and Techno producers want.

    For HipHop, Dubstep, Bmore, Fidget and other stuff most of us prefer dirty sounds and we sample everything we can find. Remember dusty tapedecks, 12 bit samplers, recording samples with a mobile fon, and so on.

    Just do it NI!

    MP3 drag & drop import +1!
  20. aqirforce2high

    aqirforce2high NI Product Owner

    Ive sampled plenty of MP3s and its pretty annoying that ive got 10s of gigs of .WAV files that are only MP3 quality sound.

    MP3 support would be good if only as a hard disk space saver.