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In Sticky Import / Export Mp3 (and Maybe Other Popular Formats)

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by 75er, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

  2. cmreal04

    cmreal04 Forum Member

    "Every cheese freeware out there allows us to import MP3-samples via drag & drop.
    No need to convert into WAV with another programm.

    Since you're allways talking about "lost in the flow", MP3 import is very essential. Imagine people rippin' vocals and speeches from YouTube movies, webradioshows, and so on. It really sucks that we have to open another programm first to convert MP3 to WAV and then import to Maschine. That's completely killing the workflow.

    And now if you're talking about "Vintage Sound" like MPC60 and SP12in Maschine Ver. 1.5, every noobie who allways wants to tell me something about bad soundquality of MP3s, please shut up.
    Just accept that not everybody is producing Minimal Techno" :lol: Thanks I needed that.

    I thought I was going crazy. I just spent 4hrs organizing a specific library of mp3's to sample within Maschine, while my girl gave me the death stare from across the room. I opened my mp3 folder in the maschine library and nothing :angry: I came here to post to see what gives, but I guess I unfortunately know now. I just might have to use maschine as a plug within Ableton for a while, some don't think this is an essential feature, but to me it very much is.
  3. trusampler

    trusampler NI Product Owner

    fwiw I just converted 1.51 gb of mp3's I had that I wanted to use in MASCHINE'S browser to tag and be able to browse at will, the end result was about=10.1 gb once converted, a small price to pay to have it to be useful to me. I do agree though mp3 import would make things a bit quicker and use alot less HD real estate.
  4. cmreal04

    cmreal04 Forum Member

    What did you use to convert your mp3's ?
  5. aqirforce2high

    aqirforce2high NI Product Owner

  6. cmreal04

    cmreal04 Forum Member

    I forgot I bought crystal mp3 converter a while back, let's you convert in bulk, all set:)
  7. ColdMuzik

    ColdMuzik New Member

  8. Supamonsta

    Supamonsta Forum Member


    I was sooo disappointed to see I wasn't able to load ANY of:

    - my acapellas
    - my own video games samples (I made all of my 2Gb video games samples in 320K mp3s for space concerns, and mp3s are Ok in ableton live)
    - my itunes library (all the great songs I bought on itunes, beatport, and all the albums I ripped from my big CD library...)

  9. theinvis

    theinvis NI Product Owner

    not the point of this thread in any way shape or form.

    maybe for sample library users wav and aiff and why not throw in 24bit files equal music, but to samplist and no doubt many in your music collection don't care about that whatso ever, samplist sample everything from 5bit on up...............not sayin you have to though.
  10. Rafon

    Rafon NI Product Owner

    All I want is .mp3 option to be on Maschine. And let me worry about quality myself. I wanna be able to do anything and not be able to import such as usable files as .mp3 is dumb. Acid 2(back then) was able to do it...I mean..I've never seen a software that doesn't support .mp3 format.
    Must have +1
  11. specialjustin1

    specialjustin1 Forum Member

    To those that are pro-mp3, would you sample off a record/through a microphone, directly to mp3?
    Oh really, why not?
    I'm realy confused that we live in a time of such incredible mas storage and fast internet speeds, yet everybody seems happy to listen to lower quality sound.

    God i wish mp3 had never been invented!

  12. Eric Christian

    Eric Christian New Member

    Just get WinFF and stop wasting precious NI time with this dead end idea. Death to MP3's...
  13. 75er

    75er Forum Member

    That's a dope idea!

    Why not? I sample everything. Man, I even record samples with my mobilefon.

    Looks like all these anti-MP3 guys just don't know anything about being really creative and what sampling is all about. Hello, we had 8bit and 12bit analog samplers back then whenn you kids used to **** in your pants. And guess what, most of these non Hi-Fi productions are still timeless classics today, while your super Hi-Fi crap is played out after a few weeks ;)

    MP3 import has been an essential feature since day one. And if you don't want it just shut up. We ain't telling you to use it if you don't want. You should just accept that some of us want and need it.

    So I'll stay with
    + 1.000.000
  14. cybo

    cybo Forum Member

    Just got Maschine on Wednesday and could'nt wait to start sampling my itunes library, but guess what, no can do. Gutted by this omission and the fact that you have to use external software to sample your mp3. Looks like I'll be using soundforge for some time to come.
  15. specialjustin1

    specialjustin1 Forum Member

    What exactly does MP3 bring to the table?
  16. aksn

    aksn NI Product Owner

    Those who use PC, try foobar2000. You can drag all your mp3's to list and convert to wav. Its free and does the job quick.

    In my opinion there's big difference between lofi mics, 12bit samplers compared to mp3. First two are usable, but mp3 has these digital artifacts or something, spotted especially when you process mp3 with fx, there's always just something "wrong" with the way it sounds. Maybe some high quality (~240kbit) mp3's would do better job if you dont process samples much.
  17. Rafon

    Rafon NI Product Owner

    Work flow.
  18. specialjustin1

    specialjustin1 Forum Member

    No they don't. Work flow is more down to the program in use.
    Ok how about looking at it like this: The MPC style pad setup
    is really conducive to drum programming. In this case i feel
    WAVS are your fingers and MP3's are your forehead. MP3's
    are not the ideal format to use just like your forehead isn't
    ideal for the pads. But hey keep bashing away, by all means.

    Anyway how did you guys screw up so bad you have ended up with
    "library's" made up of MP3's?
  19. 75er

    75er Forum Member

    There's a lot of libraries available in MP3. Maybe old ones from the early computerdays, when discspace wasn't as cheap as today. And all those who sample speeches off online videos and stuff also have the files as MP3. I could go on for hours and even give you examples were guys like DJ Premier, Diplo, Madlib, Dilla, Boyz Noise, just to name a few, used MP3.

    Seems like you just don't want to understand that everyone works different and uses different tools and samples. Besides hatin' maybe you should start making music.
  20. specialjustin1

    specialjustin1 Forum Member

    So i have to ask again mr 75er. What exactly does MP3 bring to the table?

    Yeah actually could you dig up those examples?

    What do you mean by this?:

    "Maybe old ones from the early computerdays, when discspace wasn't as cheap as today."