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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by 75er, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. VinnieTreux

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    MP3 support is never gonna happen, and there are a ton more people on this forum who would prefer it that way...just see what Donfuan has to say
    Anyway, Paperfetti...If you're using a Mac there are a couple ways you can sample from itunes. First option, download Soundflower to be able to route the audio into Maschine. Search the forums for this topic, there's info to be found.

    Second option, use itunes to convert the song you want to sample into a...WAV FILE

    I'm not sure what program you would need if you're using a PC, but again if you search the forum, you'll find out.
  2. c0pasetik

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    I"M SOO tired of this companies finally acting on concepts that we beg them for years - Bloated with the basics of what we ask for and leaving out the obvious advantages that the new technology - not going far enough rendering new gadgets and boxes like maschine looking useless. Freakin Intaket 10rys ago had me slicing and dicing mp3 and even exporting those chops as waves. Now you produce a box prrrettty much tailored for hiphop and I can't spit an mp3 to it. WHAT?. What about when I'm on the road and don't have my usuual sample sources (vinyl etc). Try telling the crowd to hold up while to convert your mp3 to suported formats during a set.

    many of us aren't making opera on maschine. I for example am doing underground hip hop so this quality thing has nothing to do with my desire for import. - mp3 audio is the format most of my audio needing to chopped and sequenced in machine is in regardless of this or that. imagine if it didn't import wav and youll understand my frustation of having to use a 3rd party prog. NI intakt used to do what we need done no problem. NI should have added this feature that a legacy product like intakt had.

  3. diggin_wax

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    Hm, do you know how the mp3 codec works?

    I don't talk about quality and I think mp3s with a rate aroudn 320kbps are pretty fine BUT if you use it as sample every mp3 sucks because a big part of the compression works by auditory masking. which means in short. Frequencies you cant hear because they get concealed by louder frequencies get deleted. And now, show me how you use, for example, a compressor on that. Kinda useless....

    A wav includes all information and you can edit the sample without problems....
  4. b-natural

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    Why don't you guys just sample from your ipod through your audio interface/mixer? I have an M-Audio Fast Track Pro that's capable of Line recording. If i wanna sample from an mp3 file, i import it into my ipod, then connect the ipod to my interface's Mic/Instrument line using an unbalanced cable (1/4 inch ---> 1/8 inch adaptor). Open up Maschine, go to Samping -> Record -> External, and BAM! This beats converting files using software plus eating up memory in my opinion.

    You'll have to buy the cable and/or adaptor of course :)

    ...The Workflow's great, i play around with samples, I'd like to use it more if/when NI brings in Timestretching & Pitchshifting!
  5. D-One

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    Ability to import MP3 files in Maschine's Sampler. (Export would also be nice too)
    The sample would probably need to be auto converted to .wav once loaded since it's a compressed format.

    Mp3 is the most requested but some users would also appreciate support for mp4, flac and other formats. Maybe a codec system could be in order where to user picks and manually installs (and is responsible for) whatever compression codecs he wishes.

    Sidenote: Since Fraunhofer and Technicolor terminated their MP3 licensing program, using the MP3 file format in software is now free so there's no reason not to add it to Maschine since it's been requested hundreds of times.
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  6. mr.Positive

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    +10 but more important - FLAC,
  7. Tim Verberne

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    Even though I barely use mp3 files myself, this is definitely something that should have been added a long time ago. Every DAW I know (except for Maschine) can import mp3 files without needing another application to convert them to WAVs. +1
  8. lvil1

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    Dear NI,
    I don't really know what is the problem to include an mp3->wav converter to the program, maybe some legal issues or just priorities.
    The quality of music made by Maschine users is not your business.
  9. René must be Unique

    René must be Unique NI Product Owner

    Implementing the MP3 format is no problem, and can be quickly available. But it is true that NI has to pay royalties to the MPEG group for the use of MP3. Let's say that per license $ 1 must be paid, that is at one million licenses of maschine $ 1,000,000.
  10. lvil1

    lvil1 NI Product Owner

    I am not an expert in licensing but it looks like the mp3 licencing is expired:
  11. Olihop

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    flac format!!!
  12. dphaze

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    The lack of support for MP3 poses additional challenges. In Ableton, Bitwig, Reaper, FL, C1 has support for MP3 and nobody complains that they do bad music due to the fact that their host supports MP3.
    About 9 years your users ask to add import MP3 and real-time time stretch sampler.
    My Maschine gathering dust due to the fact that it's faster for me to chop samples in the arrange window Reaper, than first, to encode MP3 in Wav, then crawl menu sampler in search of time stretch, but if I want to suddenly change the tempo then all the slices will have to stretch again(.
    We will add to it lack of PDC....
    We need a full-fledged sampler!
    NI, please add support for MP3, real-time time stretch in sampler and the PDC. thank!
  13. noisyvagabond

    noisyvagabond NI Product Owner

    +1 for FLAC support PLEASE!
  14. Jeru

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    +1 for Flac support PLEASE!! This should be a non-issue in 2019!!
  15. Nenenyc212

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    If it can be done why not? I wouldn’t mind simply dragging in my mp4a file into machine to work a quick idea out!
  16. Psyearth5

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    Yesterday I got mp3 voice to make ginle for one radio and I have to convert to wav using another DAW-cubase AI most limited version and it have that possibility but it could be a lot easier with Maschine for better workflow
  17. Dandy00

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