Import multiple files at a time?

Discussion in 'BATTERY' started by Chris August, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. Chris August

    Chris August New Member

    I'm currently creating some kits from samples I have. In this particular instance, I have a folder with 20 'claps' in it. I'd like for those 'claps' to be imported in the same order they are in my folder. For some reason, when you highlight all of them and drag them over, Battery just puts them in a random order. Is there a way to change that? Like bring them in Alphabetically? The only loading option I see is whether you want them in separate cells or merged into one. I'm hoping I am missing something so I can save myself a lot of time from dragging them one by one.
  2. MoHoK

    MoHoK NI Product Owner

    just open battery in standalone mode (not sure if you can do this in VST mode, never tried it) and drag and drop them from a browser window (file explorer).... and they get the place in the way they're sorted/selected from your browser window... after that you can't make changes like bringing them in ascending or descending order or whatever....