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  1. DJGri5th

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    Hey all!

    I'm looking to get some general info about importing/exporting playlists.

    I have Traktor installed on 2 different laptops.
    I was wondering how it was possible to export a playlist from COMP 1 and add it to COMP 2 while keeping all of the cue points, loops, etc in place that I've set up for the PL.
    Any info on this would be great! Have a gig this Saturday and need to get on this ASAP!

    Thanks in advance for any info :D
  2. Kristof - Belgium

    Kristof - Belgium NI Product Owner

    If you have a Track Collection (and playlists) on COMP1 and an empty Track Collection (and no playlists) on COMP2, this is the way to go:

    To begin, it is advisable to 'Enable BPM Lock' on all your songs in your Track Collection of Traktor on COMP1 (Select everything in your Track Collection, right click and choose 'Enable BPM lock').
    'Export The Collection' (right-click on Track Collection) will make an export of your Track Collection, INCLUDING your playlists. Store the file ($COLLECTION.nml) on a USB stick, copy it to a folder on COMP2.

    On COMP2, 'import an other Collection' (right click on Track Collection of Traktor on COMP2) and choose the $COLLECTION.nml you just copied from the stick. It is also important to copy your 'Stripes' and 'Transient' folders from COMP1-Traktor-folder to COMP2-Traktor-folder (otherwise you'll have to Analyze all your files again).

    Now, when '$COLLECTION.nml' is imported, 'Check Consistency' of your Track Collection on COMP2 (this may take some minutes, depending on the size of your collection).

    In Preferences/File Management/Music Folders, add the location of your Music Folders on COMP2. When your Music Folders on COMP2 are on another place than the Music Folders on COMP1, the Consistency check will tell you that all your files are 'missing'. Just click 'Relocate' and select the folder where your collection on COMP2 is situated.

    It is advisable to do the 'Consistency Check' again and again till you have no more missing songs.

    It is of course also possible to export every playlist manually (right click on a playlist and choose 'export playlist'). This is in case you have the same Track Collection already on COMP1 and COMP2.

    Good luck
  3. Flexmartin

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    That's really useful info' for me too, thanks.

    I guess the process would be similar if you want to move collections to an external HDD.

    How about making incremental changes? I.e. having a master comp (desktop) and/or mobile comp. You work on the desktop and export stuff to an external hdd for use with the laptop, but things change over time so you need to update your $collection.nml on the laptop every week, or as required? Am I on the right trak?
  4. Kristof - Belgium

    Kristof - Belgium NI Product Owner

    This is what I do (did), how I work:

    After I put my whole collection, stripes and transient-folders on the second (backup) system, from than on I do all changes and add songs on each system separately. This way I have to import my new songs twice, but this way both my systems (Master and backup) are always exactly the same and up-to-date.

    When making small adjustments (for example adding small amount of songs) I rather do things twice so I always have 2 up-to-date systems (1 master and 1 backup).

    If you do a major amount of adjustments or add a large amount of music to your Master comp, it's best (and quickest) to do as I mentioned in my first message here.
    Depending on how much you want to adjust or add, you'll have to make out for yourself what's best for you: do the adjustments twice (on each system separate) or do it once on your master comp and do the procedure of copying the collection, stripes and transient.

    Since I have my collection completely organised and 'cleaned-up' on my master comp, I did the copying once and now make the additions and adjustments on both systems separately.

    This is how I do it, since I find the copying-collection procedure pretty extensive to do on a weekly base. It's faster (for me) to import and edit new music on each system separate on a weekly base.

  5. Flexmartin

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    Makes sense. Thanks for helping kristof. Thanks to the OP for asking too :)
  6. gloriousmono

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    I am currently doing this exact process trying to transfer my collection to be recognized on a new laptop but when importing the collection from my external hard drive to a blank slate on Traktor, Traktor eventually freezes at about 99% of the way through the scan...has this happened to anyone else and if so is has anyone diagnosed the problem? Right now I am running MP3val to weed out anyone corrupt files since I was advised by tech support this could be a problem but the same collection is perfect on the older computer. The original .nml was saved in Traktor 2.1.2 but I am now loading it into Traktor 2.1.3. Is this potentially the problem?
  7. kostello

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    what about if you dont have an empty database on COMP2?
    how you import playlists and cues from another database wich songs are located on an eternal drive?