Importing Groove Fills from any NI Drummer into a Maschine pattern

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by AudioGlenn, Mar 2, 2017.

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    When using Studio Drummer, Modern Drummer, or any of the other Kontakt drummers inside of a Maschine project, sometimes I like using the included grooves. The problem I'm having is when I want to import a fill (let's say to the fourth bar), the entire groove is overwritten and replaced. I have tried moving the playhead to where I want the fill to be pasted to but the entire pattern is just overwritten. Is there a setting I'm missing or is this just not possible?

    Some detail:
    With the Drummer plug in interface open, the groove play section is at the top right. With a groove loaded, I click and hold the icon (with the 4 triangles facing north south east and west) to create a MIDI file ready for drag and drop. I drop the groove into the piano roll view of that sound and the groove is imported. So far everything works as expected. If I want to loop the (usually) 2 bar pattern to the next 2 bars in the pattern, that's easy. I'll select all and hit duplicate and all is fine. But if I want to add a fill on that fourth bar, I'd delete whatever notes are tin measure 4, move the playhead to the start of measure 4, but I when I drop the fill in, it always deletes all the MIDI data present and imports the fill starting at measure 1.

    My current workaround is to have an open pattern dedicated to importing, import the fill, select all, and copy and paste the fill to the right location in the pattern that I'm using but It's tedious. I'd rather not have to go through all of that just to see if I like how the fill goes with the rest of the beat.

    For comparison, when using Pro Tools, I can use the MIDI export to drag and drop the groove to wherever I want the fill to go in the song. This doesn't overwrite any existing MIDI data on that track.

    Side note: please don't give me any flack for using the grooves. I realize Maschine is awesome for making up your own grooves. That's how I use it 98% of the time. This is just for those occasions when I need the feel of a live drummer and I want to do it all inside of Maschine.
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    Same here. Importing and applying groove templates is the one thing I miss in Maschine. All my other machines and DAW have grooves I want to extract and apply on the fly within Maschine without spending hours moving notes off grid...