Improvements for next release: wish list for feature requests

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  1. Bruno S

    Bruno S New Member

    FX Automation, PLEASE!
  2. trusampler

    trusampler NI Product Owner

    Stack Vst's together inside Komplete Kontrol!!! MULTI INSTRUMENT SUPPORT PLEASE!!!
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  3. eaman

    eaman New Member

    Full ableton integration for m32 / a-series:

    • plugin mode to control blue hands / devices
    • browser mode to control ableton browser
    at least give us the specs of the firmware / buttons / joystick / display so we can build a custom firmware
  4. KierD

    KierD NI Product Owner

    I quite often load Logic or Garageband for a single Komplete Kontrol instance just to get the chord display.


    It would be great to have the chord reflected in the KK interface for those times when I just want to play without the overhead of the DAW...
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  5. trusampler

    trusampler NI Product Owner

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  6. Stormchild

    Stormchild NI Product Owner

    I’m ready to buy an S61 mk2 and M32 but each of them has a single dealbreaker that needs to be solved first.

    I have an S49 mk1. The S61 mk2 will be a fantastic upgrade for many reasons, but the sticking point for me is the limit of four pages of knobs in custom MIDI templates. This seems totally arbitrary to me, and it’s the only reason I haven’t bought one yet. I‘ve made many templates for my mk1 that have eight pages of controls, because that’s how many I need to access all the parameters of many synths. If there has to be a limit it should be much higher…make it 32 pages and I assure you, no one will complain.

    I’m also looking for a compact keyboard to use in front of the computer when working with soft synths and also as a more convenient companion to my Maschine mk3 (my large keyboards are off to the side and hard to reach from the computer). Will also use it when traveling. The M32 looks perfect, except for one thing — I can’t make custom MIDI templates. I know this is in development, so I’m just waiting for it to happen…but when it does, it will be subject to the same four page limit as the mk2 keyboards, so that issue really needs to be solved for both.

    There are a couple other improvements I’d really like to see.

    1. In NKS mode, it should be possible to press the left arrow to go from the first page to the last page, and the right arrow to go from the last page to the first page. In other words the pages should wrap around. It works that way in MIDI mode, but not NKS mode. NKS Instruments with lots of pages of controls can be infuriating to use because you have to press the right arrow 9 times to go from page 1 to page 10. It could be one button press away.

    2. The buttons on the mk2 would be much more useful in custom MIDI templates if they could cycle through multiple values instead of only toggling between two values. This would make them usable for 3-way, 4-way (etc.) switches on hardware. Just add “cycle” as a new mode alongside “toggle” and “hold” and let me type in a comma-separated list of values.

    Finally, please fix:
    • The completely broken button lighting on the mk1 introduced by the Komplete Kontrol update back in June or July. It’s not okay for this to be broken for months.
    • The level meters in Mixer mode on the Maschine mk3 and KK mk2 have not worked properly with Logic for over a year now. They’re showing the peak-hold values, not the actual peaks, so they are basically useless solid bars.
    • Ghost channels in the Mixer view in Ableton Live. If you have, say, 10 channels, on page 2 of the Mixer view you’ll see channels 9 and 10, followed by multiple copies of channels 9 and 10 as weird broken placeholders. Those should just be empty. This doesn’t occur in Logic. Someone said this was fixed in the template for the S-series mk2 that ships with Ableton Live 10, but that newer template broke a bunch of other stuff instead. Integration is the main selling point of these controllers. It can’t be half assed and broken for months or years.
  7. Altura

    Altura New Member

    Ability to insert 2 or more instruments in komplete control.
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  8. ChicagoBob

    ChicagoBob New Member

    the ability to use two keyboards and in particular do not have it default always to the 32 when and 88 is also connectd
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  9. Andrea Paesano

    Andrea Paesano New Member

    1. Change user preset (plugin mode nksf) via program change
    2. Save in each user patch (plugin mode nksf) the arp setting, scale setting and key color setting
    3. Multi instruments with split point and key zones colors saved in each user patch (plugin mode nksf)
    4. Change midi template via program change
  10. Mishu Calian

    Mishu Calian New Member

    Posibility to make a new daw track with komplete kontrol loaded or to duplicate the current track from the keyboard
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  11. Stormchild

    Stormchild NI Product Owner

    This mess absolutely needs to be sorted out ASAP. It’s never a good sign when people want to buy more of your products but can’t because they don’t work well together. I’m ready to buy an M32 as soon as it plays nicely with my S49 (and lets me create custom MIDI templates).
  12. Stormchild

    Stormchild NI Product Owner

    Don’t know if this is possible but I definitely want it.
  13. Quantium

    Quantium New Member

    PLEASE. Make it possible to create your own custom sound folders within KK, then be able to add whatever sounds you want to those folders, instead of only being able to "favorite" sounds. Thank you. Oh! Also, make the frickin' window(s) SCALABLE.
  14. @D1

    @D1 New Member

    i just need better intergration with FL and the ability to layer instruments. thanks
  15. DavidKT

    DavidKT NI Product Owner

    Apologies if this is already possible ...

    I can set up and control Instruments from different libraries using my S88. However, as far as I can see, I can only access those instruments from the Controller editor or the S88 itself.

    What I'd like to be able to do is use my DAW access the instruments. For example, if I click on an instrument track in my DAW, I like it the DAW to send out a midi message that the S88 will receive and then load up the patch for that instrument. Ther first part is possible in Cubase via programming a generic controller - is the S88 capable of receiving and acting on such messages?

  16. UdoBehm

    UdoBehm NI Product Owner

    Please add Instrument Rack support in Ableton Live as well for the S-series MK2 keyboard's Mixer (show all channels that exist in the chain-mixer) as well as for switching between the KK instances in the Instrument Rack's chain list (if set up several KK instances in Instrument Racks like in this tutorial video () the keyboards do not automatically switch between the KK instances once they're in use).
    Aditionally I would like to see grouped instruments in the S-series MK2 keyboard's mixer as well if this function is not implemented yet (have not testedt this yet). Thank you!
  17. Baer

    Baer NI Product Owner

    Please allow separate audio channel routing for previews in Komplete Kontrol: Just like in Maschine allow to route previews to different output channels (in Maschine this is done via the CUE bus which then can be routed to different channels like the headphones). This is a pity considering that both the stand alone version of KK as well as the VST have 32 channel output. When playing live you do not want the rest of the band or audience listen to browsing through previews.

    Edit: It seems that there are also other people requesting this very functionality ( - and - it was even part of a previous edition 1.9 of NI's manual (!
    => this should not be a foreign idea to the devs @ NI :)
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2019
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  18. CubaseThomas

    CubaseThomas NI Product Owner

    resizable GUI
    quicker and more reliable scan

    KK or the ScanApp should have a log file or a similar function, that would just show, which plug in made it crash!
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2020
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  19. UdoBehm

    UdoBehm NI Product Owner

    I need a way to program program changes to Komplete Kontrol as it is possible to do with program lists in FM8 or Massive.
    I want being able to easily switch between programs in Ableton Live. I cannot do this so far as much as I can see... Also, would be nice if the Komplete Kontrol keyboards would get knobs for switching between programs...
  20. DJFriendZone

    DJFriendZone New Member

    Could we PLEASE get a way to automatically generate previews for user presets? It would be great to have this without having to record, export, rename, etc. Even if it simply records a quarter note at 130BPM based at C5 or based on the current tempo this would be super helpful.
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