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Improvements for next release: wish list for feature requests

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by d33psp33d, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Nuyel Ruano Solorzano

    Nuyel Ruano Solorzano New Member

    1. Print midi for arp/chord function.
    Give me a way to turn off that!! :,D my ACID Music Studio is listening the Chords and Arps making a mess, I need to Freeze the track to not get the return on the DAW when I chose another track (that is basically render the track and use the audio instead the MIDI), is that or change the MIDI channel but that is not funny to have to do on all the tracks jus because I allways get that feedback on the channel 1.
    Also if I try to record while I have active that funtions I get all the MIDI data to the record and when you play it. . . well, that make the full chords for chords (TT.TT). Just look the picture, that is what I get if I turn on that

    I really don´t know why this is happening but that is really annoying.

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  2. Wilmar Boer

    Wilmar Boer NI Product Owner

    Layers. Just the ability to use Layers in Komplete Kontrol will make me buy a S88 mkII. As long I've to use Mainstage / Ableton or Machine to wrap multiple instances of Kontrol in I just don't see the point. An Arturia Keylab 88 has more controllers and has pads and is less expensive. But the ability of layering sounds so I can get rid of Ableton or MainStage for my live sets wil set it apart.
  3. vladimireti

    vladimireti New Member

    Please make 37 or at least 32-key, A or S series.
  4. Stanislav Zalevskyi

    Stanislav Zalevskyi Active Member

    Please, for A-series, when in track mode make 4d encoder controling volume of curently selected track in Maschine.
  5. UdoBehm

    UdoBehm NI Product Owner

    Would desperately like to be able to control key switches of an instrument not only by a note (a black or white key of the keyboard), but also from inside the plug-in control menu. In several scenarios key switches cannot be seen on the instrument as they are out of the regular playing range. Why not "moving" them inside the plugin-in panel and let every user access the key switches from there? Could imagine to activate them from inside this menu for example by granting access for them from the shift menu in combination with the plug-in key where there could pop up a new function that allows to control the key switches. Therefore everyone could activate or deactivate their control from inside the plug-in menu and getting access from this menu then for them. Would very much like you to implement this function since it would be way more handy and easier to get access to them from within the plug-in menu and not having to "move" the keyboard down by one or two octaves in order the switches get "shown" at all in the keyboard... Hope you do this improvement for me and all the other users who would find it convenient to access key switches from the plugin-menu instead of only from the keys.

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  6. YoureNowOnTV

    YoureNowOnTV New Member

    • Setup Area - The "SETUP" option would be a lot better if it had more than TWO settings. "Velocity" and "Displays" isn't what you'd expect in this level of controller.
    • Light Guide contrast setting - Make it so the "ON" lights are user variable from 0 to 100% and the "OFF" lights from 0 to 100% also.
    • Arpeggiator - Use the top 8 buttons above the screen for each step. This would allow you to quickly make your own pattern. (Or use the LCD panels to create a pattern)
    • Arpeggiator - Allow it to be used without running the Komplete Kontrol software. (Even basic controllers can do this).
  7. Vagus

    Vagus NI Product Owner

    • Arpeggiator - Use the top 8 buttons above the screen for each step. This would allow you to quickly make your own pattern. (Or use the LCD panels to create a pattern)

      This would be excellent.
  8. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee Well-Known Member

    except doesn’t consider MK1 series, A series or M series keyboards that don’t have buttons or lcd so wouldn’t hold much hope for this.
  9. YoureNowOnTV

    YoureNowOnTV New Member

    What about using the Piano keys and LED's as the pattern selection?

    Pressing SHIFT + ARP could change the piano keys to steps in the pattern and tapping them would turn off the LED and also that STEP.

    That would work on both the mk1 and mk2 and allow for 25+ steps (Piano keys) to be introduced.